2021 Certified Supply Chain Professional CSCP Practice Exam Udemy

2021 Certified Supply Chain Professional CSCP Practice Exam by Simon Wild

The 2021 Certified Supply Chain Professional CSCP Practice Exam course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Business.

Be an APICS Certified Supply Chain! CSCP practice exams to increase you readiness for the real exam

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2021 Certified Supply Chain Professional CSCP Practice Exam Udemy

What is the 2021 Certified Supply Chain Professional CSCP Practice Exam course about?

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Practice Exams Get a passing grade in your CSCP exam on the first try The 700+ questions in these practice exams are designed so you understand where your gaps are and how ready you are for the real one. The first three practice exams elaborate on the knowledge area and the other two exams are designed to determine your level of readiness. If you are reading this sentence right now, you are in one of two groups of supply chain professionals. If you are in the first group, then you have already made that important decision to improve your career by earning an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification. You may have already purchased the CSCP Learning System, sat through an instructor-led course, taken an online course or performed self-study, and are now looking for a study guide to help you prepare for the exam. If you are in the second group, you are just beginning the process of understanding how a CSCP certification can improve your career, help you earn more money, jump-start a stagnant job, or switch careers. You may have spoken with a CSCP certified individual or co-worker, read the information on the value of earning your CSCP certification, and/or attended an APICS chapter professional development meeting. However, before making the final decision to earn your certification, you want to ensure that it will benefit your future. As the need for global supply chain professionals continues to expand in the marketplace, the desire for individuals who have earned their CSCP certification becomes a key employer requirement and differentiator. To validate this need, we suggest you look at employment search engines, want ads or recruiter sheets to notice the numerous companies that are looking for CSCP certified individuals. We also suggest you perform a search for supply chain or operational employment positions in your area and see if this presents an opportunity for you. If the answer is yes, make it your goal to obtain your CSCP certification and see how far it can take you! The CSCP is divided into 3 modules each one of them is tested in the real certification: · Module 1: Supply Chain Design · Module 2: Supply Chain Planning and Execution · Module 3: Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices The benefits of the certification are the following: · APICS Certified individuals earn up to 25% more than their uncertified peers on average, according to the 2019 ASCM Salary Survey. · On average, APICS Certified individuals are 65% more hirable than their uncertified peers, according to the 2019 ASCM Salary Survey. APICS CSCPs work across a broad range of professions including: · Manufacturing · Consulting · Education · Government · Services · Defense · Healthcare · Distribution CSCP Eligibility To be eligible to take the APICS CSCP exam, you must have at least one of the following: · Three years of business experience · A bachelor’s degree or an international equivalent · An active CPIM, CPIM-F, CIRM, SCOR-P, CPM, CPSM, CTL or CLTD certification

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Course dictated by Simon Wild

Hi! I’m Simon, I am working in operations management, supply chain and data analytics for multiple years in various companies in Switzerland. Besides a bachelor’s degree in engineering and management and a master degree in business information systems from a reputable university in Switzerland, I’m a PRINCE2, SCRUM Master and Product Owner certified. I was able to apply my learned knowledge in multiple projects over various segments of the supply chain.

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