21 days of creative art therapy Udemy

21 days of creative art therapy by Louise Kluyts

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21 days of creative art therapy Udemy

What is the 21 days of creative art therapy course about?

Do you have a need to explore your creative side. Do you want to discover what inspires you? Do you want to find your own unique,  style? 21 days of creative art projects is an authentic experience you will never forget. It is must for all creative students and artist. You will work in a wide variety of mediums . You will play with watercolor, soft pastels. oil pastels. pencils, do collages, During this process you will also go back to the basics of art rules.  You will learn about perspective, composition, color theory, use of negative space. There is a variety of subject matter. You will make mandalas, paint flowers and doorways, draw a still life You will explore landscapes and abstract art . Through all this you will discover your own emotional map. create a sacred space for your creativity, Discover what blocks your creativity. Best of all is that you will understand your creative process better. During 21 art projects in your own time you will be guided by Louise Kluyts. Every class follows into the next one…There is a flow to the whole process. As an artist is it important to work with a rhythm, It is part of the creative process. You will discover your natural rhythm that will help with your creative process. There is a map that you can work from to give guidance after some of the more emotional sessions. Join today and discover where your inspiration comes from.

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Course dictated by Louise Kluyts

I live in a small town, Heidelberg, in the western cape, South Africa with my husband Andre, a blacksmith, and our two kids with lots of cats and other animals to keep us company.

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