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365 Days of Creativity by Martin Perhiniak

The 365 Days of Creativity course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Design.

A totally new learning experience that will teach you 365 creative skills.

Also, keep in mind that Martin Perhiniak, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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365 Days of Creativity Udemy

What is the 365 Days of Creativity course about?

Did you make a resolution to expand your creative skills in 2019? We have a course which can help you smash that goal by teaching you hundreds of new creative skills! Do you want to develop a broad creative skill set across software, traditional and theory related skills? Our 365 Days of Creativity course will teach you something new every single day for a year…The format is brand new and will provide you with the ultimate creative challenge and a different kind of learning experience. So how will you learn a new skill every day and what type of skills will you be learning? The course is broken down into weekly sections. Each section contains seven lessons. These have two sections, first comes the one minute tutorial to teach you a new creative skill. This leads into a commentary style video which provides further insight into the topic. Many of these tutorials are accompanied by a downloadable working file created directly by one of the instructors. You can use this to see how they have set up the document and created the work you see produced in the one-minute tutorials. You can also directly work in these files as much as you like. Finally, check out the creative assignments, we have set 12 challenges. That’s one for every chapter (or month.) These ask you to combine a few of the skills you have learnt in each section of the course. Meaning you can test your knowledge and produce brand new creative work, perfect if you are looking to build a varied portfolio. The course covers a massive variety of creative topics, all of which are relevant to and useful within the creative industry. There’s extra importance placed on the three main Adobe applications Ps, Ai & Id so you can discover plenty of brand new tools, techniques and useful software tricks. As well as technical skills you will also learn essential pieces of design theory and see them applied in the context of a project. These work hand in hand with learning practical skills and will ensure you create work that successfully communicates to an audience. Towards the end of the project, we introduce more practical skills which come in handy for creative professionals like the best methods for getting inspired, carrying out research, combining colours and more! Start the course at any time, you feel like taking on the creative challenge and although we recommend watching a video a day you could watch a weeks worth in a day and then try out the files. This structure is flexible around you the learner. Plus you can work on the creative assignments to at your own pace and start to build up a portfolio of work based on the skills you are learning and get feedback directly from the team by uploading your finished piece to Udemy. In the creative industry, it’s essential to learn to adapt to new projects, to be innovative and to be flexible it, this course can teach you those skills. No two projects are the same and when you are learning and using new creative skills every day you will be surprised how much your confidence grows when it comes to taking on new tasks either in a professional or personal capacity. The more skills you have the more opportunities you can take! Here’s a break down of the learning categories and just a few examples of the tutorials included: PHOTOSHOP CC Whirlpool Effect | Photoshop Tutorial Mixer Brush | Photoshop Swap Hair | Photoshop CC Tutorial ILLUSTRATOR CC Cast Shadow | Illustrator CC Tutorial Shape Builder Tool | illustrator CC Tutorial Image Brush | Illustrator CC Tutorial INDESIGN CC Step and Repeat | InDesign CC Tutorial Gap Tool | InDesign CC Tutorial Ligatures | InDesign CC Tutorial MOBILE DESIGN APPS Lineart Avatars | ProCreate Tutorial Shading | ProCreate Tutorial Adobe Comp Gestures | Adobe Comp Tutorial DESIGN THEORY Complementary Colours | Theory Tutorial Using Scale | Theory Tutorial Letterform Anatomy | Theory Tutorial DRAWING Drawing in Perspective | Drawing tutorial Hand-drawn Sketches | Drawing tutorial Drawing Feet…

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Course dictated by Martin Perhiniak

Martin is a graphic designer and an Adobe Certified Instructor . He was a presenter at Adobe MAX the ultimate creative in 2018 and was recently voted one of the top 10 Adobe instructors in the world . Over 100,000 students are studying from his online courses from over 200 countries.

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