5 Day Dance Challenge: Salsa Edition! Udemy

5 Day Dance Challenge: Salsa Edition! by Tudor Alexander

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Learn to Dance and Hit the Club in 5 Days

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5 Day Dance Challenge: Salsa Edition! Udemy

What is the 5 Day Dance Challenge: Salsa Edition! course about?

Are you up for the 5 Day Dance Challenge?? With a combined experience of over 30+ years in competitive Latin dancing, Tudor and Breanna will guide you through this fun, easy and engaging beginner’s class so that you can get out and get dancing – all from the comfort of your living room! In 5 days this course will take you from having 2 left feet to getting out on the floor (partner or not, doesn’t matter!) and having some fun. This course is intended for beginners, but intermediate dancers can get some pointers as well in some of the technique aspects. This is a 5 lesson, short course that will review a few popular, basic steps and how to really employ them on the floor for a great time that’s easy and natural. It is suggested that you do one lesson per day (hence the 5 days) and practice in between with music and repetition. Also recommended is that you take these lessons and jump into the uncomfortable at a local salsa club or Latin dance night. Don’t worry! You won’t be the only beginner there 🙂 Practice is the key, and part of this challenge is to put yourself in the uncomfortable and be courageous. Enjoy the lessons, always remember the value of The Basics, and practice, practice, practice!

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Course dictated by Tudor Alexander

Tudor Alexander is an author and coach living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. He hosts the weekly self-development podcast, The Dance of Life and has been a coach since 2010. He helps people align their life so that success comes naturally in their health, business or relationships by combining research based approaches with timeless wisdom.

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