Advanced Professional Business Administration Skills. Udemy

Advanced Professional Business Administration Skills. by Osama Hassan

The Advanced Professional Business Administration Skills. course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Finance & Accounting.

Qualify students to solve business problems using their intersected skills in python, business and machine learning.

Also, keep in mind that Osama Hassan, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Advanced Professional Business Administration Skills. Udemy

What is the Advanced Professional Business Administration Skills. course about?

Do you believe that machines should be a part of the company’s board of directors? if yes enroll in this course otherwise you may wait for a while. After completing the this course participant  should play a key role in analyzing existing data of business and provide important indicators for the companies they are working for to make strategic decisions. student can replace the entire Business Intelligence system within firms by their intersected python, business and statistics skills out of the course . In each lecture of the course we are going to go through the whole data analysis phases ranging from collecting data to visualization in context of a particular business challenge . As result the course focus on student training to solve real word  business issues that most businesses face in the current data technology generation. (1) Business :  case or common problem (2) MACHINE LEARNING : the relevant  machine learning method for the business case. (3) Python : Use of python to apply the statistical method to solve the business case For instance in the first lecture the business challenge is to predict value of an account within balance sheet in the next year based on previous balance sheets. in order to fulfill this business requirement we must go through a number of stages by support of python and statistics as shown below: (1) Connect to Archive database server (SQL Server) and collect previous 200 year balances sheets using Python. (2) Apply Linear Regression on data. (3) Find relationship between accounts from the historical data (4) Predict the required account based on another. (5) Visualize result for reporting. In this course you can communicate with instructor in English, German and Arabic for questions and assistance during your learning process.

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Course dictated by Osama Hassan

After long time of continuous working experience in information technology  in which i dealt with various banking and business programming  challenges, i thought it is about time to transfer knowledge in such cases to younger people who are eager to learn so that they start from what i have finished . I therefore  decided to start the journey and arrange courses to achieve that goal and  document experience as well.

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