Advanced SQL Server High Availability & Disaster Recovery Udemy

Advanced SQL Server High Availability & Disaster Recovery by Packt Publishing

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Implement tried-and-true high availability and disaster recovery solutions with SQL Server

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Advanced SQL Server High Availability & Disaster Recovery Udemy

What is the Advanced SQL Server High Availability & Disaster Recovery course about?

Business continuity is of utmost importance. High availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) ensure that your infrastructure experiences no downtime and smoothly functions at all times. Sound knowledge of various HA and DR techniques help you to drastically reduce the downtime of your applications. This course begins by explaining the high availability and disaster recovery technologies available in SQL Server: Replication, AlwaysOn, and Log Shipping. You’ll learn what they are, how to monitor them, and how to troubleshoot any related problems. You’ll learn how to use different HA and DR topologies to create a highly available infrastructure that also includes hybrid topologies. You’ll learn what is Always On, it’s pros and cons, prerequisites, and restrictions. You’ll also learn about log shipping, one of the oldest SQL Server solutions, which is mostly used for DR and SQL Server migration. Through this course, you will be able to explore the technical implementations of high availability and disaster recovery technologies that you can use when you create a highly available infrastructure, including hybrid topologies. By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident and look forward to changing the game with robust and high performing infrastructure. About the Author Ahmad Osama works for Pitney Bowes Pvt Ltd as a database engineer and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. In his day to day job at Pitney Bowes, he works on developing and maintaining high performance on-premises and cloud SQL Server OLTP environments, building CI/CD environments for databases and automation. Other than his day to day work, Ahmad blogs at dataplatformlabs and has written over 100 blogs, including SQL Server Administration/Development, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Data Factory. He regularly speaks at user group events and webinars conducted by the Dataplatformlabs community. Gethyn Ellis has over eighteen years of experience with SQL Server and for past ten years he has been working on Azure. He is an Microsoft certified trainer. He also trains and is a consultant for SQL Server. Prior to this he has worked with Packt and written books on “Getting Started SQL Server 2014 Administration” , “Microsoft Azure laaS Essentials”, and Professional Azure SQL Database Administration.

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