Anger Management Exercises (Acupressure) Udemy

Anger Management Exercises (Acupressure) by Sonia Bruce

The Anger Management Exercises (Acupressure) course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Personal Development.

Anger management and acupressure: Controlling anger with energy re-balancing: Anger Relief : Anger Management Exercises

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Anger Management Exercises (Acupressure) Udemy

What is the Anger Management Exercises (Acupressure) course about?

Control Anger Using Acupressure This Meditative Acupressure course teaches how to reduce significantly the negative effects of anger and/or resentment on the body-mind. The style demonstrated in this course is more energetic and meditative rather than simply mechanical or reflex. Aim of the course: to develop the feelings and inner experience, more than the knowledge. Everything is done to make it easy for the beginner, and for the more experienced student, many clues are given to help him progress in his own practice towards anger control. Students are guided step by step in their learning experience. The course PDF downloadable document gives all necessary information for the students to know precisely how, when and why to do what they are doing when practicing Meditative Acupressure . Each emotional state (anger/resentment) is treated at length throughout 3 videos: Introduction : main outlines Energy Points : localisation, name, effects Guided Practices: I demonstrate the practice itself as if I had my student’s same needs to rebalance my body-mind energy in order to feel better with myself and with my environment. Meditative Acupressure is a very positive way to get back in touch with one self, and to teach one self very precious life skills – control anger the natural way : balancing one self’s vital energy improving one self’s health and daily life quality contributing to a better world Practicing Meditative Acupressure will allow you to face the daily life situations you may find difficult to deal with in an much positive and creative way than it used to be. Anger is perhaps one of the most destructive emotions, giving rise to conflict and violence, even between loved ones. Sometimes it is necessary and understandable, such as when we see injustice and are motivated to correct it or speak up against it. However, we need to find strategies to control anger if it erupts without warning, or for no apparent reason. This is difficult to understand for any individual – we have a natural aversion to things we cannot control, and particularly so when it’s within us. Anger can stem from feelings of inadequacy, frustration, or some other obvious reason. However, sometimes anger arises for no reason at all – perhaps it is psychological, or even DNA related, but inevitably the state is affected by our overall energy balance. Eastern therapies such as acupressure focus on balancing the energy paths within the body. Unbalance is the cause of illness and also emotional states such as anger. Control your mental state through your energetic state and you can control anger, as well as other emotions. #controlanger #anger #angermanagement #angercontrol

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2019, February

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