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Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work by Ken Wells

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How to Control Anger so You Can Feel Good, Have Better Relationships and Reduce Stress – Anger Management Techniques

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Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work Udemy

What is the Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work course about?

Are you tired of blowing up at people? That feeling of doing or saying something that you really didn’t mean… …The stress and pain it causes in your relationships… Learning to control your anger is critical to your physical, mental and emotional health as well. Many of the anger management techniques that I’ve come across don’t address the problem at the core, but they instead just attempt to address the symptoms. So, in this course, you will find simple solutions that actually work! “I have gone through all of the videos and am working through the beginning exercises and I have already started to see changes in my anger management. Ken is wise and replies to my comments in a timely manner. An extremely useful course.” -Sarah Scott “I really loved this course. Just finished the last lesson and know the work starts. If you feel anger is taking over your life, remember than that it is not only you who suffers from that, it is your family, friends and all the people around you who loves you. Think about that and realize that it is not to late to change. I want to thank Ken for giving me that chance.” -Petra De Laet “This is a great course for reducing/eliminating anger from one’s life. Ken provides easy tools to use that can be incorporated into your life right away. I noticed changes just from self awareness from course materials. I can’t wait to see what transforms in the next two months. Highly recommended for the stressful world we all live in!” -Alex Polski “Another amazing course created by Ken. Very informative, high quality training, with lots of practical scenarios and examples. Thanks, Ken!” -Mihai Teodosiu “This course was surprisingly very good. I say that because I’ve been through many books and courses on the subject of Anger Management. I found this course to be insightful, easy to follow and usable. Ken lays out a philosophical framework but takes care to add practical application all the way through. I actually found myself fascinated at times by his descriptions of the processes by which we become angry. I really liked this course a lot.” -Dan Smith __________________________________________________________________ This course is about more than just ‘how to deal with anger’. It’s going to give you a fresh perspective on what anger is, where it comes from and provide powerful, all-natural methods that will show you how to control anger … the right way . When you watch the video above , you will understand why it’s important to learn and practice anger management techniques. Not only for relieving improving your relationships and feeling better, but also for improving your physical health! This is a Complete Anger Management Course that will teach you exactly how to deal with anger properly so you can relieve inner irritation and experience more peace, better relationships, more happiness and better health. All with a small time investment , starting with as little as 10 minutes per day and gradually building to about 30 minutes per day. This course will walk you through specifically why, what, when, where and exactly how to let go of anger quickly and how to deal with anger in a healthy way . It explains exactly what true anger management is and how to manage anger from a place of power and choice. This is done through short, crisp lectures that provide practical techniques and tools that you can use immediately. It also shows you how to get rid of anger and how to avoid creating unnecessary anger in the future. What will I be able to do after enrolling in this course? Understand What Anger Is & Why You Get Angry Spot Your Dominant Anger Type Catch Your Anger Flames Early Before They Turn into a Bonfire of Problems Find the Source of Your Anger & Uproot It at The Core Use Breathing Exercises to Cool off Quickly When You Start to Get Hot Avoid Anger by Consciously Cultivating Healthy, Useful States of Consciousness Increase Your Emotional Awareness to Drastically Reduce Your Anger & Heal Your…

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