API610 centrifugal pumps & API682 Mechanical Seal review Udemy

API610 centrifugal pumps & API682 Mechanical Seal review by Abobakrelsedik Mohamed

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Fundamentals of Machinery Equipment in Oil and Gas Part#3

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API610 centrifugal pumps & API682 Mechanical Seal review Udemy

What is the API610 centrifugal pumps & API682 Mechanical Seal review course about?

Course goals: To have an overview of all kinds of rotating equipment and their applications. A complete understanding of construction details, functioning, and performance of pumps/compressors for successful plant operation To know and study the different types of pumps/compressors, centrifugal, screw, and reciprocating. Their mechanical parts and hydrodynamic performance. To know how to Selects and specify the type and model of pumps for a specific service according to international standards with CAPEX and OPEX optimization. To Understand pump working principles for the successful operation of your plant and piping systems. To learn how to read and interpret your pump compressor curves and system curves To Optimize the operation efficiency of your pumping systems. To Understand centrifugal pumps/compressors’ construction details (impeller, volute, shaft, bearings, packing, mechanical seals, etc. Learn How to read and fill pumps datasheets, e.g. centrifugal, diaphragm, reciprocating, screw…etc. To learn how to survey the market and identify market lead manufactures and their facilities worldwide. To learn How to successfully witness the equipment testing and approve test results. To discuss and clarify some installation and start-up activities’ important aspects according to international standards. To know and select the different types of engines, power limitations, and applications. Full Course contents: 1-Rotating equipment classifications. Part#1 General overview and discussion for machinery equipment in the oil and gas industry. 2-Pumps applications and technology. Part#2 -Pump Fundamentals. – Pumps types and hydraulic coverage chart. -Pumps applications and services. 3-API 610 Centrifugal pumps design and applications review. Part#3 -Pump specification and selection as per API610. -Pumps mechanical construction and material selection. -Mechanical seal system specification and selection as per API682. -Lube oil system and cooling systems. -Pumps skids installation. -Pump testing and acceptance tolerances. -pumps hydrodynamic design and performance curves reviews. 4-Positive displacement pumps- Rotary type-Reciprocating type. Part#4 -Reciprocating pumps mechanical construction. -Reciprocating pumps applications and services. -Reciprocating pumps design and performance. -Screw pumps mechanical construction. -Screw pumps applications and services. -Screw pumps design and performance. 5-Compressors applications and technology. Part#5 -Compressor Fundamentals. -Compressor types and hydraulic coverage Map. -Compressor applications and services. 6-Centrifugal compressors design and application. Part#6 -Compressor Nomenclature -Definition and Historical Developments -Application Map and Arrangements -Compressor Models and Nomenclature -Main Components. -Rotor Dynamics and Materials. -Thermodynamics Fundamentals. -Non-dimensional Parameters -Compressor Stage Design -Multi-stage Performance 7-Reciprocating compressors design and application. Part#7 -Reciprocating compressor applications -Gas Compression fundamentals -Mechanics theory: forces and loads -Component of reciprocating compressors -Auxiliary Systems -Main drivers -Monitoring 8-Air compressor package/firewater pumps package. Part#8

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