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Artificial intelligence in Game development- Tic Tac Toe AI by DigiFisk (Programming is fun)

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Artificial intelligence & Javascript 2D Game Development – MinMax algorithm – “Computer vs You” Tic Tac Toe AI game

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Artificial intelligence in Game development- Tic Tac Toe AI Udemy

What is the Artificial intelligence in Game development- Tic Tac Toe AI course about?

Artificial intelligence is the fastest growing field right now. This course combines Artificial intelligence and Javascript and takes you into the world of 2D game development and creating 2D AI games. There are too many job opportunities in this field today, and the scope is huge . Demand for AI programmers is increasing exponentially every day. Have you always wanted to learn artificial intelligence? Were you not able to do so because you never knew where to start? Is everything confusing out there? Then our course is the perfect solution to your problem. In our course, -> You’ll earn the concepts of artificial intelligence , -> Delve more into theories and implementation by learning what MiniMax algorithm is , and how to implement it, -> Apply your new found knowledge to create a fully functional Artificial intelligence that can play a Tic Tac Toe game against expert human players. -> All the while learning, and becoming proficient in Javascript, HTML5 canvas, HTML5, CSS3, front end web development and 2D game development. Why take this course? You’ll be able to: 1. Learn the basics of artificial intelligence , its terminologies, the various terms used in the field etc. 2. Learn what the MiniMax algorithm is and how it’s used in developing Zero sum artificial based games in the real world. 3. Learn how to apply the MiniMax algorithm in a 2D web game like Tic Tac Toe 4. Learn how to create an unbeatable AI opponent in your games 5. Learn the basics of Javascript and HTML5 canvas and how to apply it in your Tic Tac Toe game project 6. Improve your logical problem solving skills 7. Create a complete dynamic Tic Tac Toe game app with an unbeatable AI with Javascript, HTML5 canvas and css 8. Improve your web app development , web game development & javascript skills 9. Improve your front end design and development skills 10. How to design the game logic for the game and implement it as code 11. Learn HTML5, CSS3 and much more while developing your game 12. Add artificial intelligence to your resume with this project as proof of your knowledge How is this course designed? I’ve made this course as easy to understand as possible. I’ve structured it in such a way that each section will handle one major part of the course. Introduction: This is where we’ll explain how the game works, it’s various features and what we’ll be using to achieve the same results. Module 1 : We’ll explain the basics of artificial intelligence and it’s various terminologies. We’ll put the ground work you’ll need to understand the further concepts explained in this course. Module 2: We’ll explain what the MiniMax alrogithm is and how it’s implemented. We’ll use pictorical and graphical representation to explain the concept with 2 detailed examples. We’ll also explain the Pseudocode of the algorithm. Module 3: We’ll explain how the MiniMax algorithm can be implemented in creating an artificial intelligence based player (computer player) for a Tic Tac Toe game. We’ll explain the concept with another pictorical representation of the entire process. Module 4: We’ll delve into Javascript and HTML5 canvas concepts that are related to the project we’ll be creating. I’ll only cover concepts that we’ll need for our game’s Javascript code though. If you already know the basics, you can skip this module. Module 5: We’ll be teaching you how to create the bare bones of the app with HTML5 . The result will be a page with all the elements we need in our game, devoid any colors or design elements. After that, we’ll “beautify” our app. We’ll be using CSS elements to give our game colors and styles. At the end of this module, we’ll have a Tic Tac Toe web game that’ll look like the final result, albeit one that is not playable yet. Module 6: We’ll introduce a step by step algorithm that explains what we’ll be doing while creating the Javascript part of our code. Module 7: We’ll be delving into J avascript & HTML5 canvas cod e of our game in this module, and we’ll t…

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