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Audiobook Publishing Basics by Vincent Noot

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Publish Audiobooks and Make a Killing in Sales on Amazon

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Audiobook Publishing Basics Udemy

What is the Audiobook Publishing Basics course about?

Both left and right, we hear of inexperienced individuals who jump into the audiobook publishing business and start making passive income, sometimes even as high as five or six figures. And although I cannot give you any promises, I have cashed in on it myself. In fact, 80% of my income consists of audio books. It pays for all of my bills and more. Books I published 3 years ago, are still making money. Go figure. Recently, when I was watching TV, I saw an Audible commercial. Amazon is doing everything in their reach to pull people into their audio book store and to gain a higher market share. This means they are getting more and more listeners and customers each day. The demand is increasing. As of now, estimates are that just in the United States, about 85 million people listen to audio books. Audible amounts for about 41%, experts say, so about 35 million listeners. Stats also claim audiobook customers listen to an average of 15 books per year. That means almost 1.3 billion books are being listened to each year, just in the USA alone (about 0,52 billion on Audible). These are amazing business opportunities! But the competition is increasing as well. More publishers are finding out how well audiobooks sell, and every day, new books are being published. With about 425,000 published and about 10,000 new titles arriving each year. So how can you even compete? By knowing what you’re doing! By knowing where the money is! And still, the ratio customers to publishers shows us just how great the opportunity is. Listeners across the world are waiting for your books! There aren’t enough out there yet! When I tell neighbors, friends, and family what I do for a living, most of them admit to listen to audiobooks quite regularly. If there is anything on the rise, it’s audiobooks.  There has never been a better opportunity to publish a truckload of audio books and make considerate profit. So my invitation to you is: Don’t be left out! Get your hands on that money now while the market is still hot, new, and on the rise!

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Course dictated by Vincent Noot

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I speak Dutch and English fluently, and several other languages well. I am an artist, author, and entrepreneur. Many of my business and writing skills have been put to good use in the publishing industry, as a well as in technical aspects on the internet and for various companies. I am happy to show you what I know about a number of topics, related or unrelated to each other. You’re never too young or old to learn, and it begins by simply taking a course or listening to someone with more experience. My whole life, I’ve developed a passion for art, for drawing and painting. I’ve been to art university and have successfully taught hundreds of people how to become a better artist and make an income with it. Some of my video courses will, therefore, refer to various techniques and methods I’ve learned that can help you paint, draw, or digitally edit images. Other videos courses will refer to money-making skills or marketing tricks I’ve learned over the years.

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