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Basic American Sign Language by Carla Cadorette

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Basic American Sign Language Udemy

What is the Basic American Sign Language course about?

Build your American Sign Language vocabulary and get started learning sentence structure and elements of Deaf culture. Learn the ASL alphabet, question words, colors, how to introduce yourself, animals, foods, and all kinds of other topics. In a matter of days you’ll be ready to have a simple conversation with a person who is Deaf!

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Course dictated by Carla Cadorette

I am a wife, mother, teacher, linguist, and lover of people and culture. I have taught in the classroom off and on for twenty years. I have lived all over the United States as well as in Asia, and I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and Central America. I love helping people to grow and improve themselves as much as I love to grow and improve myself. My experience in various cultures and with people from all over the world has developed my skill in languages and in identifying the struggles people have with solidifying their English skills and conversational skills with Americans. It’s scary to talk to Americans. I know! I’m here to help you cross that bridge and build the confidence you need to be successful.

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