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Basic Fire Fighting by Binoy Gopinathan SMS,CMIOSH

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Basic Fire Fighting Udemy

What is the Basic Fire Fighting course about?

COURSE OBJECTIVES: To describe the Classifications of fire To outline Principles of Heat Transmission And Fire Spread To outline the Common causes and consequences of fire To explain the various fire prevention methods To Identify, Select & Operate of various types of extinguishers To understand fire emergency evacuation. COURSE CONTENTS: SECTION 1- INTRODUCTION a) Introduction b) Principles of Fire c) Source of ignition/Heat d) Static Electricity e) Source of Fuel e) Classification Of Fire f) Principles Of Heat Transmission g) Causes and Consequences of  Fires in Workplaces SECTION 2- FIRE PREVENTION AND PREVENTION OF FIRE SPREAD a) Control Measures to Minimise the Risk of Fire in a Workplace b) Storage of Flammable Liquids in Workrooms and Other Locations c) LPG Fire Presentation Arrangements d) Precautions for Control Of Hot Work e) Electrical Equipment Safety f) Cooking Oils And Fats SECTION 3- FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS AND FIRE-FIGHTING ARRANGEMENTS a) Fire Detection b) Heat Detectors c) Smoke Detectors d) Flame Detectors e) Fire Fighting Equipments f) Fire Extinguisher g) How To Use Fire Extinguisher SECTION 4 – EVACUATION OF A WORKPLACE a) Means of Escape b) Assembly Point c) Fire Marshals d) Fire Drill e) Rules for fighting fire f) What should you do if your clothes catch on fire? g) Burns first aid

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Course dictated by Binoy Gopinathan SMS,CMIOSH

Experienced professional (15+years), with practical OH&S Management system implementation experience at Oil/Gas, Transmission line and Power sector. Hold the prestigious

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