BB King Guitar Licks: 1947-1953 Udemy

BB King Guitar Licks: 1947-1953 by David Moore

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Volume I – The Early Years

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BB King Guitar Licks: 1947-1953 Udemy

What is the BB King Guitar Licks: 1947-1953 course about?

BB King is perhaps the best-known of all the great electric blues guitarists.  His career spanned 8 decades during which he recorded hundreds of songs.   This first course (part of a planned 3-course series) focuses on his earliest recordings – those made between about 1947 and 1953. In this course, I will explain and demonstrate the overall “style” and “methods” BB used on these early recordings and then teach you 75 specific licks and ideas taken note-for-note from the original recordings.  I will teach you a variety of licks featuring single string runs, bends, double stops, fills, and even a few chord licks. This course includes: – 5 Lessons explaining, demonstrating, and teaching the Basic BB King Style: chords, playing positions, tuning, and fundamental licks. – 75 individual lessons covering specific licks and ideas heard on his early recordings (TAB for each).  Each lick and idea is               explained in detail and demonstrated clearly – with suggestions for how/when to use in your own playing. – More than 4 hours of instruction! BONUS You also get TABS for: (1) 7 Intros from BB King songs (1947-1953) (2) 5 End Tags These can be found with the resources for Lecture #80! If you want to learn to play like BB King or just adapt some of his licks to your own playing, this is the course for you! Planned Courses in This Series – BB King Guitar Licks: Volume II – The Middle Years (1955-1964) – BB KIng Guitar Licks: Volume III – The Later Years (1965-  )

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Course dictated by David Moore

Dave Moore is a high school history teacher who has spent most of his adult life playing and studying traditional electric and acoustic blues guitar.    Over the years, Dave has played with such blues legends as Pinetop Perkins, the late Barrelhouse Chuck, Big Time Sarah, Ricky Nye, country blues legend Yank Rachel, saxophonist Ab Locke, and the Cleveland area band Blue Lunch .    For the past ten years, Dave has maintained a popular You Tube Channel offering lessons in both traditional acoustic and electric blues guitar – Old School Blues Guitar .

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