Be Happy, Confident & Fit with BellyCore Fitness Belly Dance Udemy

Be Happy, Confident & Fit with BellyCore Fitness Belly Dance by Sanda Kruger

The Be Happy, Confident & Fit with BellyCore Fitness Belly Dance course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Health & Fitness.

Take a BellyCore Fitness class with international certified BellyCore Fitness Instructors Sanda and Terez – Belly Dance

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Be Happy, Confident & Fit with BellyCore Fitness Belly Dance Udemy

What is the Be Happy, Confident & Fit with BellyCore Fitness Belly Dance course about?

Belly Core fitness is a functional fitness program, which takes the technical moves and steps of different international dances: modern belly dance, including: bhangra bollywood African, kizomba, salsa, samba, bachata, Balkanic, burlesque …and many others and transforms them into fitness in a very original way, on uplifting music , with the purpose of increasing flexibility and mobility in a student’s body as well as increasing the levels of strength and endurance while improving the overall happiness and energy of the participants. We take pride in following the guidelines and fitness recommendations of the American and European Fitness Associations. If you are a person who loves: Having fun Improving your own health Increasing your levels of happiness You love to move your body and spirit You love dance, belly dance, and upbeat music … all of this while having a great time and not suffering in the process, this class is definitely for you! This is an easy to follow dance fitness class for our students and no previous dance or fitness skills are required . In the same time, please make sure that you have clearance from your physician to exercise moderate to vigorous for 60 minutes. The Belly Core Fitness belly dance class is an approximately 60 minutes class with the following sections: 1.Warm Up – 10-12 minutes A warm up it’s the preparation for a specific fitness workout with the purpose to increase core temperature as well as prepare the muscles and joints for the fitness movements which will follow. This can be accomplished by combining movement rehearsal limbering as well as guided, active Preparatory stretches. A proper warm-up will prepare the body for vigorous dance fitness exercise and it will reduce the risk of injury. 2. Cardiorespiratory Fitness Training – 30 minutes In this time we are going to perform respiratory dance fitness exercises continuously on music, focusing not only on working the heart muscle and improving our oxygen levels but the belly dance and fitness moves we do will improve our strength, our endurance as well as our flexibility and very importantly: our happiness levels. The smiles, well-being, feel-good happiness in the air, as well as the belly dance and fitness,  will all blend together pretty smoothly as the songs are focused on feeling good and also on working certain parts of the body or certain muscle group. The structure of this cardio dance fitness session is a mixture between an interval dance fitness training and an intermittent dance fitness training. In some songs we’re going to have really well defined intervals of high peaks and recovery time, while in other songs we will have more of a variable intensity dance fitness training. 3. Dance and Fitness Toning Exercises – 10 minutes This section of the class will be focused on strengthening and endurance of the core muscles. We are doing this part of the class on the floor on the fitness mats and we will perform a variety of exercises: planks, to crunches, bridge, etc. The concentration is on repetition. 4. Cool Down – Flexibility Fitness – Static and Dynamic Stretching – 10 minutes We will do both static and dynamic stretching in a Belly Core Fitness class, normally for the duration of at least 2 songs.

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Course dictated by Sanda Kruger

Sanda Kruger is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in business development in the fields of life, health and fitness coaching. She is also a real estate investor and a banker, who learned outstanding adapted business strategies, sales and marketing techniques, communication, and goal setting skills, hands-on, through life, entrepreneurial projects and work experiences. This practical expertise together with her business education and with a history of work in the American banking industry – created Sanda’s well-rounded perspective on business strategies, finances and sales and brought her closer to her life purpose of sharing knowledge and guide others throughout their journey.  She is an expert in the Ketogenic Diet and intermittent fasting, a nutrition health coach and a retired professional dancer. Sanda is a certified health and fitness professional with AFAA, AEA and ACE and is the creator of two original fitness programs, called BellyCore® Fitness and AquaCor®. During her fitness and wellness coaching career, through private classes, master classes, workshops and coaching groups, Sanda Kruger has helped and taught thousands of students in health, nutrition and business.

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