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Become a Chocolate Expert | Chocolate Master Class by Shari Aubrey

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Everything you never knew about chocolate

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Become a Chocolate Expert | Chocolate Master Class Udemy

What is the Become a Chocolate Expert | Chocolate Master Class course about?

Do you love chocolate? Do you know much about chocolate? For many of us chocolate is something we grew up with and as an adult, a sweet treat you buy from the supermarket with not much thought. Yet there is a rich and fascinating history behind chocolate. In this course, I use my chocolate expert knowledge to: Take you all the way back to Olmec and Aztec times where the human love of cocoa was well known – long before it reached Europe. I’ll then talk about how it was a secret of the Spanish before it fuelled the height’s of London debauchery in the 1650’s. More than just history you’ll become your very own chocolate expert, with all the information you need to find the world’s best chocolate. I will then teach you to how to truly experience chocolate when you eat it – in same way a wine connoisseur appreciates wine (just not spitting it out!). What you need Have some milk and dark chocolate on-hand for the final chapters of your course where you will taste with me. In an ideal world you want to have some great quality chocolate. I have included the brands I will be tasting in the chapter notes. If you’re in Australia you can buy these from my online store, Fiamma Chocolate and we will deliver to your door. If you’re not in Australia, you can source these or similar from where you live (Google is your friend). Warning: supermarket chocolate is easy to access but never great quality, and it won’t have much flavour profile. If you can, do buy some better quality chocolate – but if that’s not possible don’t worry. Just use what you can get – this is meant to be fun and indulgent after all! Our Chocolate Tasting Wheel. We will provide this as a resource of the How to Taste chapter and you can print it, or just use online.

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Course dictated by Shari Aubrey

Shari is Chocolate Expert and Chief Chocolate Dealer at Fiamma Chocolate based in Melbourne, Australia. She not only sells the best chocolate in the world (the top 2% of chocolate) but she also loves taking people on a journey of chocolate learning the fascinating history, bean to bar production, ethics and of course how to appreciate good chocolate.

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