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Quick steps you can implement in and out of the classroom to become a better workplace trainer.

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Become an Epic Trainer Udemy

What is the Become an Epic Trainer course about?

Are people naturally drawn to you? Can you hold the attention of others? Are you the person to go to when you need something easily explained? Whether you are looking to launch a training career, or you simply want to be more effective in sharing your information and teaching others, this course is for you. Perhaps you are new to the world of workplace training, run a few weekend courses, or are an expert in your field; either way we have your back. We’ve bundled decades of experience with the best links to research and resources from leading professionals around the world, into a course format that is easy to digest. This is a comprehensive, easy to understand introduction to the world of training. By completing the course you will learn the most quick and effective tips and tricks to kick start your journey to becoming a great trainer. An experienced facilitator is always looking for new resources, ideas and techniques to maximise their effectiveness in the classroom. This course will provide heaps of tips and tricks with a fresh perspective for seasoned veterans. What am I going to get from this course? Over 15 Lectures and 2 hours of video content. A quick start to get you to a level of competency Quick Wins – simple techniques you can implement quickly to see immediate improvements. A selection of hacks or cheats that when applied, will prevent or solve some of the bigger problems that can disrupt learning. A powerful ‘trainer’s toolkit’ that you can build on throughout your career. Learn from decades of experience to prevent making common rookie mistakes in the classroom.

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Epic Learning is a group dedicated to embracing modern learning theory and technology to create the next generation of effective training. We believe learning is a life long adventure, should always be fun and take learners out of their comfort zones.

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