Beyond The Delta Slide Guitar Udemy

Beyond The Delta Slide Guitar by Rick Payne

The Beyond The Delta Slide Guitar course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Music.

Learn To Play A Whole Range Of Slide Guitar Styles Including Tips, Tricks And Tunings.

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Beyond The Delta Slide Guitar Udemy

What is the Beyond The Delta Slide Guitar course about?

Beyond The Delta Slide Guitar This course covers the techniques you will need to play a variety of classic and diverse slide guitar styles. Rick Payne uses both detailed left and right hand videos to demonstrate all the exercises and styles taught in this course. Also there are PDF files containing more explanation along with the tab necessary to play the exercises and 12 study tunes. If you already play just a little slide by the end of this course you will be able to add so much more to own performance. What The Course Covers Rick uses four main regions to explore a range of slide guitar styles: The Delta Chicago Texas Hawaii Tips These will give the player more insight into the general approach to the slide guitar. Tunings These are explored in detail throughout the course as Rick takes you on your slide guitar journey. Tricks You can make your slide playing more interesting using a variety of tricks including: two finger slide, harmonic slide and more. Tuning Guides These PDF files will help you keep a record of the many tunings used in the course and can be downloaded and used as a reference at any time. Study Tunes Here Rick demonstrates 12 study tunes using many of the tunings and styles in the course. These will further help you to begin to use different styles and tunings in your own playing. This is a lifetime of playing and research in one course taught by a master player!

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Course dictated by Rick Payne

Rick Payne is an established acoustic blues guitarist with many national and international tours to his credit. He has become especially well known for his authentic acoustic blues finger picking, in the many traditional styles of the blues including delta blues, piedmont, ragtime and slide and has recorded several albums of this kind.

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