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Origin of Life,Cells ,functions of organelles,Carbohydrates,Fats,Digestion

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BioChemistry Tests Udemy

What is the BioChemistry Tests course about?

Code discount-01E88D2B9B2A1E111C58-Price $9.99-26th  August Biochemistry is the study of life. This fascinating natural science will provide insights into the chemical processes driving the biological systems. This course will immerse you in the sub-cellular world to understand the processes that are integral for life. You will develop an appreciation of the basic principles of biochemistry and workings of the biological networks. Since the field of biochemistry is continually evolving, through this course you will be introduced to the biochemistry underlying some concepts such as molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, plant biology, human physiology and the current advancements in the field of medicine. You will develop problem solving, critical thinking and analytical skills. The class and lab sessions will embrace variable teaching and learning strategies for audio and visual learners, including but not limited to flip classes, discussions, think-pair-share, activities, and video sessions, etc. Lab will include a combination of wet lab and virtual lab where the topics would range from detection and analysis of macromolecules, to isolating DNA from cells, testing blood sugars, and optimising enzyme catalysed reactions etc. Aims The course covers a wide range of knowledge from the history of biochemistry to the molecular basis of life. It provides an overview of intermediary metabolism, body enzymes, endocrine hormones and nerve transmission. The overarching aims of this elective course are following: – Provide an introduction to the natural science of biochemistry – Evoke critical thinking skills in recognising the molecular underpinnings of life – Instill life-long learning and fascination for science Course Syllabus includes: Origin of life Origin of Life 2 – Chemical Evolution Cell Theory Carbohydrates structures and functions Carbohydrate metabolism Digestion fo Carbohydrates Lipids – Structures and functions Lipids metabolism Digestion of Fats Proteins-Structures Besides the tests and exam,I will share interesting youtube videos that will not only fascinate you but will broaden your horizon. Useful youtube Links for all chapters provided at the end of the exam so that you understand what is being tested and are better prepared for tests and exams.

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