Blockchain 2021 – Complete Blockchain Course for Beginners. Udemy

Blockchain 2021 – Complete Blockchain Course for Beginners. by Jitesh Khurkhuriya

The Blockchain 2021 – Complete Blockchain Course for Beginners. course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in IT & Software.

Blockchain Technology, Blockchain of Smart Contracts, Ethereum Blockchain, Blockhain Architecture of Hyperledger & Corda

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Blockchain 2021 - Complete Blockchain Course for Beginners. Udemy

What is the Blockchain 2021 – Complete Blockchain Course for Beginners. course about?

Blockchain is said to be the new internet. So how and where do you get the right mix of fundamentals, advance topics and technology behind Blockchain? This course on Blockchain will prepare you for a solid foundation from where you can launch your journey in the world of Blockchain. You will get to understand everything about Blockchain and related technologies such as Smart Contract, Ethereum as well as Blockchain applications in real world. The course will help you learn, Blockchain Basics Distributed Ledger Technology and how it is applied in Blockchain Difference between Database and Blockchain Cryptography and Cryptographic Hash Functions in Blockchain How Consensus Algorithm and Block mining of a Blockchain works using – Peer-to-Peer network, Proof-Of-Work Algorithm Sample code to understand how Hashing works How Cryptocurrency works? What is a Smart Contract and how it works in a Blockchain environment? How to choose Blockchain over traditional systems? Architecture of Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda; three leading Blockchain technology platforms Which Blockchain platforms among Ethereum, Hyperledger or Corda will be effective for you? How Blockchain will revolutionize various industries including Supply Chain, Finance, Provenance ? You will also be able to differentiate between traditional systems, Blockchain as well as make critical business decisions on whether to use Blockchain in a given scenario. This course starts with basics and fundamentals of Blockchain and then moves on to explain the architecture of some of the leading Blockchain Platforms. This course of Basics of Blockchain has 29 lectures spread over 2.5 hours . So it is more than just basics . This course prepares you by creating the solid foundation on various concepts of Blockchain such as Cryptographic Hash Functions, Smart Contracts, Encryption, Consensus Algorithms, Distributed Ledger as well as mining , We then move on to learn the Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda along with the business uses of Blockchain in Finance and Supply Chain. This course is for you, if you are looking for answers to following questions, Do you want to get deep understanding of various concepts of Blockchain and the technology behind it? Do you wish to get a quick overview with enough details to build a solid foundation on this most disruptive technology of Blockchain since the invention of internet? Do you want to learn various Blockchain technology platforms that you can propose and implement in your organisation? Wondering what is Blockchain smart contract and digital currency? Do you want to get architectural overview and Business implementations of Blockchain Platforms of IBM Hyperledger, Ethereum and Corda ? Get enough understanding of how Blockchain powers cryptocurrency and how it works? Top 3 Reasons why you should learn Blockchain, 1. High Demand for Blockchain Blockchain and related jobs have seen a growth of more than 200% year on year. Blockchain is also among the top 5 skills in demand. Companies such as IBM, Mastercard, JP Morgan Chase have started working on Blockchain technology and creating pioneering solutions. 2. Futuristic Outlook The adoption of Blockchain is unlocking many new capabilities in the areas of Finance, Supply chain, Manufacturing, Healthcare as well as identity management. It is said that all those applications that can be decentalised using Blockchain technology, will be decentralised. So by going through and learning concepts of Blockchain from this course, you will be ready for any disruption that will be caused. 3. Complete disruption of ecosystems Bitcoin is one example of the implementation of Blockchain technology. It completely disrupted the payment ecosystem across the world. All industries are beginning to realise the potential of Blockchain and have started adopting Blockchain technologies in all processes. So when the change comes which is inevitable, you will be ready with the right skills. So get enrolled and I wi…

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Course dictated by Jitesh Khurkhuriya

Jitesh has over 20 years of technology experience and worked as programmer, Product Head as well as the Data Scientist.

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