Brainstorming – A Complete Immersion Udemy

Brainstorming – A Complete Immersion by Hemang Shah

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Become a Brainstorming Facilitator by Learning These Techniques

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Brainstorming - A Complete Immersion Udemy

What is the Brainstorming – A Complete Immersion course about?

Brainstorming is an effective and verified approach to generate ideas for various projects. This course is designed to make you an expert at brainstorming. Additionally, using the material learned, you will be able to become a facilitator of brainstorming sessions at work or for clients. This is what you will learn by enrolling in this course. What is brainstorming, why it is used, benefits Modes of brainstorming The Facilitator’s Role How to Prepare Session Checklist Brainstorming Techniques Force Fitting Free Association Standalone Brainstorming Word Storm Word Association Mind Mapping Topsy Turvy and Reverse Brainstorming Autumn Leaves Random Input Brainwriting Starbursting What to do after a brainstorming session There are no pre-requisites for this course. You will get the most out of this program by Having a desire to become a better innovator Having an interest in leading people to improve products and projects

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Course dictated by Hemang Shah

Shah, PhD is an accomplished innovator. He is a technologist and a
tinkerer. He drives programs that help professionals and
students master their goals. He teaches programs on innovation,
developing business strategies, and public speaking. One of his chief
objectives is to ensure that his students can readily apply the
learning for their projects be it at work or at school.

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