Breathing Essentials: How to Breathe for Life Udemy

Breathing Essentials: How to Breathe for Life by Debra Dent

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A Definitive Guide: A Six Week Program To Better Breathing

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Breathing Essentials: How to Breathe for Life Udemy

What is the Breathing Essentials: How to Breathe for Life course about?

Breathing Essentials: How to Breathe of Life. A Definitive Guide. Six weeks to breathing better program. This is the first course in a series of six courses on Respiration and the effects either positive or negative on the body. It will reveal to you the importance of proper breathing mechanics and function.  All information presented is based on science and research. How do poor breathing patterns affect pain, posture, and function? This initial course is a standalone course that will provide information on the clinical implications of poor breathing patterns. How should you breathe? Discussion of the basic anatomy of the rib cage, muscles of respiration is given. This topic is expanded with how we should breathe and how not to breathe. The dysfunction of the diaphragm will be explained. Covid 19 will be discussed.  The signs and symptoms of infection as well as a description of symptoms being experienced by Covid long haulers.  Discussion of breathlessness positions and how to control breathing during this response will be taught. Try the Nijmegen Questionnaire or the Self Evaluation Breathing Questionnaire to determine if you have symptoms related to your breathing. Learn how to improve chest expansion. Learn how to improve trunk rotation and decrease the rigidity of the body. Follow a 3-6 week program on breathing exercises. This course will give a brief discussion of the function of respiration and how it can alter your trunk stability and posture. For a full understanding, it is recommended to delve deeper into the subject with the entire Breathing Essentials Series. Further study in the Breathing Essentials Series will deal in detail with respect to anatomical details, core control, breathing pattern disorders, sleep apnea, and athletic performance.

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Course dictated by Debra Dent

Debra Dent is a Physical Therapist with 40 plus years of experience specializing in manual therapy of the spine. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, Canada where she received her Diploma of Physiotherapy in 1977 and her Bachelors of Physical Therapy in 1979. She was certified as a Part A Manual Physical Therapist from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopaedic Division in 1989 and received her Advanced Diploma of Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy in 1994, and was a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manual Physical Therapist (FCAMPT) until retiring 2019.  APTA Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) designation was completed in 1996 and recertified in 2006 and Emeritus status was received in 2016.  She has been teaching Physiotherapists since 1989.

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