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The Ultimate Recovery Kit To Stop Knee Pain, Building Stronger Knees, And Getting You Running Again Pain-Free!

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Build Better Knees Udemy

What is the Build Better Knees course about?

Build Better Knees is a complete recovery kit that will guide you through the entire process of diagnosing your imbalances, providing you with specific clinical solutions to treat your knee injury, and getting you back to running pain-free. It’s a action-packed program filled with tons of great information. It can help you recover from the four most common and debilitating running-related knee injuries: Patellofemoral Pain, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Patellar Tendinosis and Quadriceps Tendinosis. Here’s what’s inside: Essentials on Pain and Inflammation Learn how imbalances in your body’s systems cause pain and injury. Discover the three different types of pain according to Ayurveda. Appreciate why inflammation is important for proper healing. Learn why icing an injury does more harm than good. Understand why anti-inflammatory drugs slow down healing. Holistic Perspectives on Recovery Figure out what factors affect your post-injury recovery. Identify the external and internal factors that make you susceptible to injury. Understand what causes some people to recover faster than others. Learn what it truly means to have a balanced body. The Anatomy and Bio-mechanics of Running Injuries Learn the anatomy of the knee joint and its surrounding muscles and tendons. Understand the bio-mechanical and non-mechanical factors that cause running-related knee pain. Discover the simple formula for knee pain and how to use it to fuel your recovery. Know the three key components that make up a strong knee foundation. Why Runners Get Knee Pain Understand common signs and symptoms of knee injuries, even before they get serious. Learn common causes of repetitive strain injuries and what to do about them. Recognize the signs and symptoms that indicate your knee injury is something more serious. Develop an in-depth understanding of the four common running-related knee injuries. Figure out the pain generators and learn to assess your specific knee injury accurately. Knee Pain Assessment Learn to use the pain, functional impairment, and irritability scales to assess your running prospects. Use ten mobility, strength and balance tests to figure out your weak areas and imbalances. Read about the correlation among mobility, strength, and balance, and why it matters. Discover where you should focus your knee rehabilitation efforts for maximum benefit. Treatment Overview Learn specific acupressure and scar tissue massage techniques to reduce pain/swelling and improve circulation. Understand how heat therapy improves circulation and aids in faster recovery, as well as how to use it. Acquire the ancient treatment skill of cupping to heal your knee injury. Master shock absorption, balance and explosive training for improved running performance. Learn the knee taping technique that has brought great knee pain relief to 90% of my patients. Whole Body Remedies Learn what foods are hard to digest and slow down recovery. Become healthier and stronger by using Ayurvedic guidelines to improve digestion and detox. Discover the ten different herbs and supplements that can help you recover faster and get stronger. Familiarize yourself with one of the most powerful yoga sequences for a rejuvenating body-mind workout. Learn why massage improves muscle-mass and has an overall anti-aging affect on the body. Running Pain-Free Understand the importance of cultivating the right mindset for getting back to running after your injury. Discover the safest running technique to use after a knee injury, and why. Experience a powerful warm-up chi circulation series to get your blood flowing before running. Learn how to keep your healthy knee recovery going strong after the initial rehabilitation.

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Course dictated by Manu Kalia

For the past 20 years I have been working in the medical and fitness fields as an Exercise Science expert, Physical Therapist and Ayurveda Herbalist (East Indian Holistic Medical System). This has allowed me to combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with western medicine concepts of Physical Therapy and Exercise Science to treat patients with complex orthopedic and neurological injuries. I have also trained both athletes and general population for optimal fitness and wellness. As a speaker and medical professional I have taught this integrated approach to health and wellness to people of all backgrounds and age groups with various health problems. I am a Clinical Ayurveda Herbalist, having studied both in India and the United States with the world renowned Ayurvedic physician Dr. Vasant Lad and at the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute of the Medicine Buddha Healing Center. I have a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the American Physical Therapy Association. My advanced training involved specialization courses in clinical assessment and treatment techniques involving manual therapy, rehabilitation, injury prevention and exercise/fitness. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology with special emphasis on nutrition and exercise science for elite athletes and the general population

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