Business Networking Basics: Successful Strategies to Connect Udemy

Business Networking Basics: Successful Strategies to Connect by Andrew Magdy Kamal

The Business Networking Basics: Successful Strategies to Connect course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Business.

How to meet people, make new contacts and build effective relationships at every networking event with ease.

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Business Networking Basics: Successful Strategies to Connect Udemy

What is the Business Networking Basics: Successful Strategies to Connect course about?

Business Networking can be an often daunting experience. You may not know who to meet, or how to meet them, let alone what to say when you do finally meet them! You may not have or know what tools to use to make your networking more effective. These days are no more! In this crash-course , bestselling author and global networking authority Tim Houston will teach and show you, step-by-step some of the basic fundamentals of meeting people while networking . Andrew Magdy Kamal, author, app expert and developer (with over 1 Million+ downloads) will provide you with productivity and database apps that will help you make your networking (and your business) more effective. All this included in one course that will take you less than 1 hour to complete! The Lecture Format is: Easy, small, simple quick videos Presentation Packages and Lists Mostly Talking Head This course doesn’t require a complicated terminology knowledge and is best suited for beginners and those who want a refresher of the basics.

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Course dictated by Andrew Magdy Kamal

Andrew Magdy Kamal is an app developer who have reached millions of downloads, leading him to start a startup known as AndSocialREW Gaming and Publishing. Andrew currently has his expertise in Theoretical Physics, Product Design, Computer Science, and Mathematical Computation. He is also known for having developed products such as the Mixed Reality Suit, and apps such as “Minefense”. His ingenuity have not stopped there, as he holds many world records in his place for his accomplishments as well as intellectual property. One of the things Andrew hopes to do is share his knowledge with others.  He wants to get other people to have a sense of charisma when learning this type of content. He is here on Udemy to teach some of the stuff that he learned and help people begin to gain knowledge about the industry.

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