C# Basics with .NET Core for Beginners: Learn by Coding Udemy

C# Basics with .NET Core for Beginners: Learn by Coding by Thomas Plathanath Mathew

The C# Basics with .NET Core for Beginners: Learn by Coding course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Development.

Master C# Basics with .NET Core – The Most in-depth Course with Live Coding and Practical Assignments in Every Topic

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C# Basics with .NET Core for Beginners: Learn by Coding Udemy

What is the C# Basics with .NET Core for Beginners: Learn by Coding course about?

C# was named one of the most popular programming languages for server-side programming, app development, web development, and game development . Why Learn C#? C# is a versatile and modern programming language created by Microsoft. It is evolving and widely used by developers to build a variety of applications including desktop applications, web applications, native Android and iOS mobile apps, web services and web API, Azure cloud applications and services, and game development. .NET Core is an open-source, free, multi-platform framework from Microsoft and it replaces .NET Framework. .NET Core 3.0 adds support for C# 8.0 and can be used to develop cross-platform applications. Mastering C# programming with .NET Core lays the foundation for many different career paths with prospective options . You can mold your career as an ASP.NET web developer, desktop developer, or mobile application developer. You can enter the world of game development too. Thorough knowledge of the fundamentals helps you to switch to a different technology stack. If you see any of the above is the right path for your career, then this course is exactly where you need to start. Why this course? This course is the best and most in-depth course in C# basics with .NET Core from Instructor Thomas Mathew. As a Professor, Thomas has already taught over 20,000+ students to code in in-person classes . Thomas teaches you the basics of C# programming in a structured, simple, and tail-to-head manner . This course is presented in such a way that even a novice learner can understand the topics. Every section comes with a collection of lectures on related topics and a quiz. Each programming concept is illustrated with a live coding demo application . Coding assignments that relate to real-world applications are included in every section to boost your logical thinking . All the live coding demo applications and the solutions to the coding assignments are provided as downloadable resources . At the end of the course, you will develop a project utilizing all the skills that you learn throughout this course . This course reforms you from a beginner to a pro. ‘Explore Coding…Discover Career’

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Course dictated by Thomas Plathanath Mathew

I have around 20 years of coding experience in different languages. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, Master’s Degree in Computer Applications, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Mobile Application Development. I have worked in various domains like software development, web development, and teaching computer programming to graduate and undergraduate students. Presently I am working as a software developer in a company and as a professor in a college in North America.

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