C# Fundamentals for beginners: Learn basics of C# Udemy

C# Fundamentals for beginners: Learn basics of C# by Fazilat Ali Ahmad

The C# Fundamentals for beginners: Learn basics of C# course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Development.

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C# Fundamentals for beginners: Learn basics of C# Udemy

What is the C# Fundamentals for beginners: Learn basics of C# course about?

C# is an object-oriented and cross-platform programming language used to build applications. Using C# with .NET you can develop desktop, mobile and web applications . C# is also used in game development using the Unity framework. This course is your first step toward your dreams . you’ll have lots of options in front of you. You can choose to build mobile apps if you prefer, or you can change job and work as a web developer. As long as you know the fundamentals well, switching to different technology stacks is pretty easy. This course guides you with the professional approach to writing programs and it includes: Fundamentals of C# and .NET Working with Primitive data types Type conversion using Convert class Learn about operators and building expressions Working with Non-Primitive data types (Class, Struct, Array, String, Enum) Management of value and reference type in memory Control the flow of the program using conditional and iterative statement Random class to generate random numbers and strings for passwords List and its functionalities Learn about DateTime and TimeSpan structures Work with files and directories If you want to be a successful Software Engineer , you should learn to think like a programmer . So, here I will teach you programming concepts with daily life examples and how to map them. You will also understand the possible errors and their solutions. So, Enrol now to start your career as a Software Engineer. See you in the course!

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