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Cat Behavior Course by Anneleen Bru

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50 steps to resolve undesirable cat behaviour and make your cat happier than ever!

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Cat Behavior Course Udemy

What is the Cat Behavior Course course about?

Cats showing undesirable behaviours such as scratching, house soiling or aggression can cause a lot of grief and resentment in owners, and this course is made to reach as many cat owners as possible to help them understand their cat and change this behaviour as quickly and efficiently as possible, in an easy, responsible, positive and manageable way. As a cat behavior counsellor, I have helped cat owners for over 10 years who experienced behavior issues in their cat(s). Gaining more insight in their cat’s behavior, is the first stap in solving those issues. After 10 years on the road and visiting hundreds of owners, I developed a general therapy plan to help resolve undesirable behavior in your cat or make your cat even happier than he or she already is. This program is called the Cat Matrix and it is an easy step-by-step plan, which is tested, scientifically based and will make your cat happier than ever! It contains 50 small steps that you can take to optimise your cat’s environment and make it reliable, recognisable, safe and predictable. This advice is tested, based on what we know from science, combined with a decade of experimenting with options and solutions and subtracting only the most efficient and best ways that truly impact the cat’s welfare and that of its owners. This course offers you 5 ways: 1. A model called the Cat Wheel, to truly understand your cat’s behaviour and where it comes from; 2. The Cat Matrix model as mentioned above 3. The Happy Cats Revolution ebook (388p.), an amazing ebook, which is a complete transcript of the course 4. 5 bonus chapters in the ebook explaining the most common cat behaviour issues, their causes and solutions. It covers: house soiling, spraying, aggression towards the owner, aggression between cats and scratching 5. A Facebook support group where you can rewatch the videos and ask questions and get support.

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Course dictated by Anneleen Bru

Anneleen Bru (°1985) has a degree in Communication Sciences (UA) and an MSc in Animal Behaviour Counselling (University of Southampton) and, via her company Felinova, has been promoting the happiness of cats since 2008.

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