CCPA 101 – consumer rights & business obligations Udemy

CCPA 101 – consumer rights & business obligations by David Chapman, PhD

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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018 – an introduction

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CCPA 101 – consumer rights & business obligations Udemy

What is the CCPA 101 – consumer rights & business obligations course about?

California passed the Californian Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in 2018. It’s the United States’ strictest privacy law. The CCPA creates new consumer rights. It imposes considerable business responsibilities and obligations. The CCPA’s impact extends far beyond California. It affects many businesses located elsewhere. That’s if they collect the personal data of Californian residents. The CCPA 101 course Gives the CCPA’s background and context Outlines the privacy rights granted to Californian consumers Explains a company’s responsibilities and obligations under the CCPA The course introduces the CCPA with video lectures. Background & overview – how & why the CCPA happened, an overview and timeline Key definitions – privacy terminology as used and applied within the CCPA Consumer Personal information Business Penalties and enforcement – potential civil penalties for violations. The Attorney General’s stated approach to enforcement Consumer rights – the four categories of rights granted to Californian consumers The right to know The right to delete The right to opt-out The right to non-discrimination Business obligations – I – notice requirements and business procedures Business obligations – II – procedures for responding to consumer requests and disclosing any financial incentives There are two online quizzes and a bibliography. Course job aids A workbook – to help you reflect on CCPA related issues. Plus, indicative solutions Infographic – a printable CCPA graphic Poster – a printable CCPA overview poster By course completion, you’ll Appreciate why and how the CCPA happened Know the rights granted to Californian consumers by the CCPA Understand business’s CCPA responsibilities and obligations

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