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Certified Spiritual Healing Advisor, Coach & Medium by Sufani Garza

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Awaken Your Mediumship, Spiritual Intuitiveness, Healing, Empathic Abilities, Use Crystals, Totem Animals, Sense Spirits

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Certified Spiritual Healing Advisor, Coach & Medium Udemy

What is the Certified Spiritual Healing Advisor, Coach & Medium course about?

About the Spiritual Advisor Certification Course My journey in healing and spirituality started over 21 years ago. It’s been a very long journey of learning, growing and exploring. In this course you will benefit from a long pilgrimage to understand life, spirituality, God and wisdom, crossing into many modalities, tools and spirit knowledge. This course was designed for those seeking truth, meaning, understanding of their abilities as a medium, clairvoyant, psychic or empath, about the other-side, ghosts, spirit guides and demons, how to develop certain abilities that already reside within, or have revealed themselves, and understand certain complicated teachings from my perspective, to then help others on their journey. In this course I share many tools of the trade in spirituality and development to help you acquire what you need to read the symbols you receive, I give references to use and how to use them in practice, discuss how to choose reference guides and tools, and act as a mentor to teach you what I know, as a teacher for you on your spiritual journey. This is in no way exhaustive, and I say this because spiritual growth never ends, and there are practices out there I am sure I have never heard of. But certainly, what you learn in this course, can be applied to all things that cross your path. This course is very story oriented, conversational and intimate ,  talking to you and sharing my experiences with real life clients, house clearings, seeing ghosts and talking with spirit guides, while educating you through stories and real life situations.  What this course is not is a course teaching you how to read the future, be a psychic, read tarot cards or certification in a specific modality. This course is not a chart/graph course loaded with PDFs, although there are some, as well as practice videos and a telepathic game guide. This is a certification in development of your specific gifts, in spiritual development, and you interpret how to translate them into your life and needs. From there you will feel confident in advising others on their own spiritual journey. See the course curriculum for specific teachings. About Me I come from a family of healers, with those who see & hear spirits, commune with nature and animals, do card readings, astral travel, talk with dead loved ones, channel beings, trance write,  talk with the dead for others, and translate numerology. Talking about these things is as natural to me as talking about the weather. When I told my sister the course curriculum she said, “How cool to have it all in one place.” That was my sentiment exactly in making as much knowledge as I can available to answer questions, expose you to things you may not know, clear up confusing teachings and simply give you things to think about and help you in your personal development as a medium, clairvoyant or psychic (sorry if I left out a title). Keep in mind that I implore everyone to be open to taking in the information, but in the end, encourage you to do what feels natural for yourself. With this course you are given my personal email and I will remain a spiritual mentor to you for life if you wish. See you in class! Sufani Instructor

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Course dictated by Sufani Garza

I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Alternative Healing Therapist, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and Health Educator with 20 Years in Practice!

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