Chemistry : Metals Udemy

Chemistry : Metals by Global Learning Labs .

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Learn about Metals, their properties, occurrence and extraction in a comprehensively detailed manner.

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Chemistry : Metals Udemy

What is the Chemistry : Metals course about?

Chemistry : Metals is a course meticulously designed to enable better understanding of the subject Metals. Any learner above middle school level can benefit from the course. The course is about metals, their occurrence, their physical properties, chemical properties extractions, structure and corrosion. The course contains many lectures filled with presentations and illustrations. Learners can experience classroom teaching whenever chemical equations are explained. The course is aptly decided into 15 sections based on various important topics. Many interdependent contents are sequentially placed in various sections. There is a total of 3 hours of course content covering various areas. This course is beneficial to any learner who is a seeker of knowledge. High school students will be able to acheive much better in their grade examinations.

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