Chess Bootcamp: Tactics Udemy

Chess Bootcamp: Tactics by Tom Meurs

The Chess Bootcamp: Tactics course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Lifestyle.

A complete guide to chess tactics with tons of exercises.

Also, keep in mind that Tom Meurs, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Chess Bootcamp: Tactics Udemy

What is the Chess Bootcamp: Tactics course about?

Are you often losing material when playing chess? Do you want to learn to navigate complex tactical positions? Do you want to improve your tactics for online bullet chess? Then this course is right for you! In this bootcamp I will teach you everything to give you the keys of quickly finding tactics. In this course you will learn different tactics and combinations. You will learn: Back rank tactics Checkmates Desperado Discovered Attack/Check Double Attack Fork Hanging Piece Blocking / Interference Overloading Pawn Promotion / underpromotion Perpetual Check Pin Removal of the Defender Skewer Smothered mate Stalemate Trapped Piece Windmill X-ray Attack Zwischenzug How to avoid blunders in your own games This course is designed for players between 800 and 1400 ELO, who want to improve their tactic and combinational vision. This course covers many tactical motives which you can apply in your own games. This course features: Video’s Different concepts explained with tons of examples Quizzes Every section ends with a quiz, testing your newly acquired knowledge Formula sheets To keep all the information tightly sorted Enroll today Hope to see you in the course 😀 Tom

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Course dictated by Tom Meurs

For over 20 years enjoyed the beauty of chess. Would love to share that with everyone. Traveled the world for chess tournaments, playing in both National and European Championships (FIDE 2224). I firmly believe everyone can learn chess.

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