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Christian Coaching in Your Church by Gary V Carter

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Become a mentor someone can follow. You may be surprised to find someone may be secretly looking to become your mentee.

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Christian Coaching in Your Church Udemy

What is the Christian Coaching in Your Church course about?

Believers are responsible to lead others in their Christian walk. However, churches have tended to rely on curriculum and classes without adding the one-to-one help most people need to actually apply what is taught to their lives. Small groups are excellent when properly conducted. But personal mentoring or coaching rounds out the support needed. This course will give you confidence that you have something to offer for others who are not as far along the road as yourself. It will teach you how to ask instructive questions and help your mentee formulate personal answers. This course gives you flexible tools so that you can lead others one at a time to a better life. The course includes a library of exercises for you to use with your mentees. The resources are like a grocery store of food items where you pick what you need to create your own recipe. You will learn how to use the materials with your mentee when you as the mentor find the right time. This will make your coaching/mentoring unique with each person you help.

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Course dictated by Gary V Carter

Gary is variously known as a Ministry Imagineer / Engineer, a Life  Coach, a Pastor, a Church Starting Specialist, a Church Health  Consultant, a Writer and Publisher. In all those roles people often  comment on his abiding passion for ministry. Those are some of his  various vocational dimensions but he is also a husband to Wendy, father  and grandfather. Gary’s ministry life now spans over four decades. And  he still stays fresh and more energized than many who are just starting!

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