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Communication Skills for Beginners by Ganesha Pandian N

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Basic tips and techniques to develop the communication skills effectively – enhance your success in career

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Communication Skills for Beginners Udemy

What is the Communication Skills for Beginners course about?

Communication skills are the key and fundamental for the success in personal life or in professional life. So if you are struggling to develop your communications skills, then this course is for you. Do you find it hard to write a first sentence of an article? Do you find it difficult to speak in front of the group of audience? Do you find it hard to read a book? Do you find it difficult to listen and understand what others are saying? When your Lecturer or Boss tell you to make a presentation or speak in-front of the group of audience, you might have struggled to speak When you are required to write a letter or any technical article or your assignment, you might have found it difficult to write. So this Course will help you to read and listen effectively and also make you to start write an article confidently as well as make you to speak or present in front of audience confidently. This course will help you to master the communication techniques which you can apply and get better results faster. Course will contain the following: Basics of communication skills How to develop reading skill How to develop writing skill How to develop listening skill How to develop speaking skill Each of these skills were explained in a simple way with a technique, tips and suggestions to improve it and along with the lecture videos and the self assessment at the end of every chapter. At the end of this course,By mastering these techniques you will gain confidence to write and speak to your audience and also expand your knowledge by listening and reading effectively.

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Course dictated by Ganesha Pandian N

I am Ganesha Pandian N, teaching Post Graduate Business Administration students in India, Tamil Nadu.

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