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Communication Skills – Learn How To Communicate Effectively by Peter Alkema

The Communication Skills – Learn How To Communicate Effectively course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Business.

Learn high impact communication skills for emails, group messaging, online meetings, social media & verbal communication

Also, keep in mind that Peter Alkema, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Communication Skills - Learn How To Communicate Effectively Udemy

What is the Communication Skills – Learn How To Communicate Effectively course about?

“This course will definitely help me to be a more effective and efficient communicator in meetings and in emails. Peter shares valuable techniques from his many years of experience in business, thank you.” – Janet A. “This course was amazing I enjoyed and learned a lot from it. It`s easy to follow and had helped me a lot. ” – Palesa M. “This information is providing precise ways of improving your communication skills. ” – Torrey F. “Really enjoyed this course. Many passive skills that are useful in my line of work ( corporate communication). I definitely recommend this course to those who are looking to improve their communication skills! ” – Khadeeja “Communication is the foundation of all relationships and teamwork. This course provides you with techniques on how to be an effective communicator. This course covers written and verbal communication using different mediums as well as how to conduct online meetings. People entering the job market and experienced professionals who may feel they need to touch up on their communication skills would greatly benefit from this course. ” – Sizwe N. “The instructor was clear and had scenarios that assisted with more understanding of the importance of mastering communication. ” – Sma N. “This course simplifies the basics things needed for effective email communication .” – Saud Nissar E. ” Clear and concise instructions of the Do’s and don’ts of communicating verbally or virtually.” – Farah Nur Feriena K. Do you wish you could communicate better and have more impact? Are you overwhelmed by all the ways we communicate? Do you feel your voice gets lost in a noisy world? In this course, I’ll teach you how to use email better, how to present to a group and in public, how to use messaging tools like Whatsapp and online meeting platforms like Teams & Zoom. I’ll teach you how to communicate verbally, in writing, and through images. You’ll also learn three principles of communication: storytelling, brevity, and clarity. In this course, there are downloadable resources, 1 on 1 lesson, wipe board presentations, and activities for you to practice what you have learned and put these lessons to the test so you achieve your goals . You will also learn how to engage more meaningfully with your boss and co-workers, how to get heard in meetings, and how to use social media more effectively. You’ll get the following in this course: Practical principles and techniques to help you communicate better in different contexts and with different audiences Tips from my 25-year career of how I have communicated in meetings, presentations, with co-workers, and on projects Email management techniques that will improve how you write emails, manage your inbox and stand out in other people’s inboxes Tips for communicating better in online meetings so that you come across with credibility through engagement & contribution Principles for group messaging, social media, and engaging larger groups to get action like attending events and opening attachments Verbal communication principles so that you get heard more in settings such as 1:1, with your boss, co-workers, and colleagues Activities in each section of the course as well as an assignment at the end of the course to help you achieve your goals I guarantee that by the end of this course you will be a better communicator. Check out some of the lessons below, enroll and I’ll see you in the course. There are also lots of downloadable resources, activities, and an assignment that will get you taking practical steps to actually become the better communicator that you want to be.

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