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Complete Singing Course by Davina Shefet

The Complete Singing Course course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Music.

Everything you need to learn how to sing on your own. Theory and Exercises along with Bonus Videos and Song ideas.

Also, keep in mind that Davina Shefet, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

Therefore, if you want to study and learn more, we recommend that you start this udemy course right now.

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Complete Singing Course Udemy

What is the Complete Singing Course course about?

Covering everything from the anatomy of the voice, vocal registers, vocal flexibility, breathing and so much more! I ‘ve been singing and teaching for years and have made this complete course knowing from experience what works with my students. Every chapter starts with a Theory video and is followed by a series of exercises made for you to understand the theory, feel the right sensations and start building that voice! Those exercises also serve as warmups and there is a complete pro warmup session at the end of the course for you to do before singing. You will also know your voice type and vocal range though you should definitely go back to track your evolution as I can guarantee your vocal range will improve if you follow the exercises. I also added a bonus section to answer questions/ problems that I find most of my students were struggling with. Finally, if you are in need of some song ideas I made lists according to your voice type.

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Course dictated by Davina Shefet

Je suis chanteuse et coach vocal avec une expérience de plus de quinze ans dans le chant lyrique et des musiques actuelles (pop, soul, jazz, blues). J’ai appris à chanter en commençant par l’opéra, avec des cours particuliers, toutes les semaines de deux heures avec la cantatrice Agnès Chauvot.

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