Complete WordPress SEO Masterclass + SEO Audit Checklist Udemy

Complete WordPress SEO Masterclass + SEO Audit Checklist by Sivakumar Kannan

The Complete WordPress SEO Masterclass + SEO Audit Checklist course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Marketing.

Training Keyword Research, Content Writing, Link Building / Backlinks, Website speed etc. Digital Marketing starts here

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Complete WordPress SEO Masterclass + SEO Audit Checklist Udemy

What is the Complete WordPress SEO Masterclass + SEO Audit Checklist course about?

Course Description SEO or search engine optimization is probably one of the most misinterpreted or misunderstood subject in the field of marketing. Unfortunately, many false claims from unscrupulous online marketers, projecting SEO as a Magic Solution to achieve overnight success in getting traffic and leads and the subsequent failure to achieve it has caused businesses to devalue its importance as a part of their marketing strategy. This is highly unfortunate because, if applied correctly, SEO can bring in qualified leads and customers to any business. It can help to achieve a much better ROI than many of the traditional marketing techniques like print advertisements and TV commercials. Why This Course This is a comprehensive course that covers all the Important aspects of SEO. Upon completion of this course, students will not only get a Certificate but would have gained an important marketing skill that will tremendously boost their chances of becoming successful in their business/career. Course Content and Overview SEO Basics We cover the meaning of SEO, search engine algorithm, google business model and on-page and off-page SEO meaning and examples. Keyword Research In this section, several Important questions related to keyword research like Why keyword research is important, Customer journey in the process of search, Different categories of keywords, How keywords are targeted and ranked in a website, Free and paid tools to generate large amount of keywords, How to find keyword difficulty, What are LSI or Latent Semantic Index keywords, How to use LSI Keywords and How to Generate more content Ideas to write blog posts and Articles. This section shows a step by step process to conduct Keyword research using free and paid tools. Optimizing Content Content marketing is intertwined with SEO. Talking about SEO without writing great content is as good as a human body without the soul. So In this section, we talk about writing and optimizing great content. Several On-Page and Off-Page SEO factors are covered here. Specifically, Crafting great titles and subheadings, Writing best meta descriptions, Matching search intent and using only appropriate keywords, Keyword positioning, Prominence and Proximity, Using Alt texts and Captions for Images, Types of content to use, Examples of words that can boost SEO, Active vs Passive writing style, Freshness of the content, Choosing topics for writing, Internal and External links, Ethical practices while writing and sharing content, Being mindful of plagiarism, Spell checking, Proofreading, Word counting, Usefulness of swipe files, Placing Call to Actions (CTA) at appropriate places, Using click triggers, Outsourcing blog writing, Inbound marketing tips, Leveraging Influencers, Best SEO content writing style, Using Anchor Text, Creating link baits, Encouraging social shares, Including SEO case studies, Using video transcriptions and many more. All in all, this section covers everything about How to create great SEO content, market the same and tools that can help to do that. Link Profile & Link Building This section covers the meaning of a good link profile, Importance of anchor text, Relevancy and Freshness factors, Diversity of linked Pages, Number and Quality of Links, etc. This section also covers several practical ways to Build Quality Links to your Website. Web Page Speed Factor Web Page Loading speed is an Important SEO factor confirmed by google. This section covers the meaning of web page speed and various ways to make your webpage loading superfast. Dwell Time Dwell Time is a clear user experience factor that influences SEO. This section covers the components of dwell time and practical tips to improve the same Responsive Web Design and Layout This section covers how to make your website Mobile responsive and various ways and tools to make it happen. Social Signals In this section, we cover how social signals and shares affect SEO. Other Factors All the factors that a…

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