Conflict management in the workplace Udemy

Conflict management in the workplace by Sharon Xuereb

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How to effectively resolve conflict at work.

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Conflict management in the workplace Udemy

What is the Conflict management in the workplace course about?

Conflict is a natural feature of human communication. Often we see conflict as negative, and it is true, conflict that is not handled well can have a devastating impact on staff morale and productivity, as well as customer-relations. However when conflict is managed well, it can lead to increased creativity and enthusiasm amongst workers. This course is of immense practical value to you if you work with other people, whether colleagues or customers. You will learn how to identify conflict, and understand the different types of conflict that occur at work. There is a strong focus on practical skills to resolve conflicts. You will discover what your preferred conflict management style is, and the situations where it is most suitable.

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Course dictated by Sharon Xuereb

I believe that, when managed effectively, people can be leaders’ biggest resource. I am passionate about getting the best out of staff. Which is why I specialise in increasing employee engagement. I do this by coaching managers on how to engage their teams so they are motivated, efficient, and open to change. I also run several training workshops to equip managers, such as Coaching skills for managers and Managing staff with challenging behaviour.

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