Crack the Product Manager Interview – Indian Context Guide Udemy

Crack the Product Manager Interview – Indian Context Guide by Gaurav Berry

The Crack the Product Manager Interview – Indian Context Guide course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Management.

A complete guide including guesstimates, product analytics etc to do awesomely well in the product management interview.

Also, keep in mind that Gaurav Berry, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Crack the Product Manager Interview - Indian Context Guide Udemy

What is the Crack the Product Manager Interview – Indian Context Guide course about?

Course will take you through a step-by-step approach of preparing for the interview. If you just follow the course sincerely and do the homework properly, then you can be assured of being 100% prepared for the product manager interview. In this course, tips, methods, knowledge and examples to perform much better in each component of the product manager interview will be shared. Also, you will be taken through all terms used by Product Managers. All common interview questions and their sample answers would be covered. Then briefly it will cover the conduct during the interview and general advice. Few topics to be covered : How to best build the resume for Product Manager Role How to tackle guesstimate questions commonly asked in product interviews All FAQs asked product interviews related to technology, design, analytics, project management etc. Learning the best way to handle product analysis which are quite often asked in product interviews How and what to research about the company product and interviewer before appearing for interview Understand various categorizations of Product Manager roles to apply suitably Importance of product assessment assignment and how to handle it the best way Understanding the importance of asking relevant end-of-interview questions to interviewer General conduct, dressing and important advices for product interview

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Course dictated by Gaurav Berry

Gaurav is a product management professional and entrepreneur. He is the founding member and CEO at HomeNow. Previously, he was heading the product division as AVP across India and South East Asia region for RedDoorz company. Gaurav has got great academic record with B-Tech from IIT Delhi (AIR 198) and later MBA from IIM. He has product management experience at Snapdeal and ShopClues. He has been part of interview panel for placement at IIMs and other MBA colleges.

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