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Crush LinkedIn Video by Zack Scriven

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Crush your goals with LinkedIn Video

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Crush LinkedIn Video Udemy

What is the Crush LinkedIn Video course about?

Crush you goals using LinkedIn Video. Just a year ago I quit my job to pursue video content creation full-time on LinkedIn and have built a profitable business around LinkedIn Personal Branding, LinkedIn Video Marketing, and LinkedIn Content Creation. I’ve been able to travel the world going to different events like LinkedIn Local Networking event in Sydney, or an Industry Conference in Dubai, or Hawaii for the weekend just for fun. LinkedIn Video made all of this possible! I want to share with you my motivation, knowledge, and tips so that you too can crush your goals by leveraging LinkedIn Video. If you are not satisfied after purchasing my course for any reason, I offer a full money back guarantee! Anyone who purchases my course is also free to DM / message me for further assistance. Thank you for considering purchasing this course! I look forward to helping you CRUSH your goals using LinkedIn Video!

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Course dictated by Zack Scriven

I quit my job in Engineering to pursue content creation full time. I am host of The Zack Scriven Podcast. I create video content here on LinkedIn and my on my YouTube channel around #DigitalTransformation and I document my journey along the way.. I run a startup called Zack Scriven Media that is focused on content marketing and personal branding. I’m also launching my first digital product: Crush LinkedIn Video – Reach your goals using LinkedIn Video. My goal is to serve God in all things I do.

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