Decision Making & Problem Solving: Rock Solid Soft Skills #1 Udemy

Decision Making & Problem Solving: Rock Solid Soft Skills #1 by Robert Brown

The Decision Making & Problem Solving: Rock Solid Soft Skills #1 course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Business.

Update your brain for today’s problems and demands at work, at home, everywhere: Learn Harnessing the Speed of Thought™

Also, keep in mind that Robert Brown, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Decision Making & Problem Solving: Rock Solid Soft Skills #1 Udemy

What is the Decision Making & Problem Solving: Rock Solid Soft Skills #1 course about?

Bob’s courses follow that old saying, “if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” Bob teaches both skills and concepts. If you want only training, this is not for you. If you want both training and an education, this is the place; tools and ideas. Bob’s quest is to create courses that will help you meet life’s challenges with heart and wisdom. Taking this course will be like turning on a light in a dark room. Decisions will be logical and correct. Problems will become opportunities. Conflicts will become win-win. This course will help you understand the weaknesses built into your brain and how to overcome them. One user had a business ROI over 15 years of $30,000,000 to $1. Another saved a distressed 30-year marriage. Over the past 40 years, by using the five-step Harnessing the Speed of Thought™ (HST) model, businesses have flourished, lives have been saved and careers soared. This neuroscience-based course (no science background needed) will: Explain how your brain messes you up Teach you how to harness the speed of your thoughts and those of others Provide examples of how to use the model in business and your personal life Teach you how to give no-harm feedback Teach you how to solve delicate problems in only two sentences By the end of this course, you will be able to use HST for yourself and with others to make better decisions, solve problems and resolve conflicts. You will increase happiness, contentment, productivity and success for you and those around you, all from taking this one course Course instructor Robert Brown, Ph.D., created HST after completing his doctoral dissertation in 1973. The model was first used with doctors to help patients better understand and follow their treatment plans. It has evolved over the years to become a universal decision-making and problem-solving tool. It is a tool you should have. Today, use your tired, old brain one more time to vastly improve your ability to problem-solve. Remember, there is a money-back guarantee. Join us and transform your life.

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Course dictated by Robert Brown

With a doctorate in psychology, over 50 years of experience and two dozen books, Bob Brown has made a substantial contribution to the lives of thousands of people. At age 17, he decided to find out why people did what they did, which he defined as “why do people get out of bed in the morning?”

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