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Delegate for Results by Ron Sarazin

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Leverage others to accomplish the work of the organization through effective delegation.

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Delegate for Results Udemy

What is the Delegate for Results course about?

Delegation is often an overlooked management tool. Far too often, managers don’t delegate when they should, assume they know how to delegate when they really don’t, or do know how to delegate but are so busy they miss important steps. Check this out: Do you experience being too busy or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work you have to do? Do things come at you a little too fast? Do you spend too many nights and weekends working? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions or just want to delegate better, join my avatar puppets and me in this short course to learn how to overcome normal barriers to delegation and how to carry delegation out in a way that will give you the results you want. In this course, I will introduce a Delegation Worksheet I think you will find is a helpful guide to ensuring you carry out delegation effectively and efficiently, and a concept called the Oncken’s Freedom to Act to help you determine how much authority to provide. I have included interaction with two avatar puppets to have a little fun with technology while exploring what can go wrong when delegating. I have also provided an example use of the Delegation Worksheet , in case you learn best by example.

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Course dictated by Ron Sarazin

Ron Sarazin is the President of Olympic Performance, Inc., which includes the Sarazin Institute. Ron graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering from Oregon State University and has completed advanced training at the University of Idaho and Stanford University. He has successfully been examined as an ISO 9000 lead auditor by the Governing Board of the National Registration Scheme for Assessors of Quality Systems (also known as the IQA) in the United Kingdom.

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