Design pattern in C# by using professional examples Udemy

Design pattern in C# by using professional examples by Ahemad Ali Khan

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Concepts, class diagram along with professional examples to understand design patterns with C# and .NET

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Design pattern in C# by using professional examples Udemy

What is the Design pattern in C# by using professional examples course about?

Creational Design Pattern 1. Simple Factory – Creation of object by using “CreateExam” Method for OnlineExam. 2. Factory Method – Creation of object by using ConcreteFactory subclasses for OnlineExam. 3. Abstract Factory –  Creation of object for Window and Dialog with respect to different OS by using AbstractWidgetFactory. 4. Singleton – Generic example to understand the concepts, example of static initialization and double lock checking. 5. Prototype – Creation prototype object at run time for GeneralCustomer and PrevilegeCustomer. 6. Builder – Creation of object in series of steps by using Fluent Interface and Bank builder for BankAccount. Structural Design Pattern 1. Adapter – Adapter used in between Mediaplayer and Mediapackage 2. Bridge – Example Used – Bridge used in between persistence mechanism and file types. 3. Composite – Example Used – HTML tree structure with parent and child element. 4. Decorator – Example Used – Decorating CarRacing application with stage progression. 5. Facade – FacadeReportGenerator for different type of DB. 6. Proxy – Example used for remote proxy, virtual proxy and protection proxy through restaurant application. Behavioral Design Pattern 1. Chain of Responsibility – ATMWithdraw application for different denominator of Indian rupees. 2. Command – Calculator Application with redo and undo features. 3. Interpreter – Convert Roman number to number. 4. Iterator – Iterating posts of blog. 5. Mediator – ChatMediator for different category of users. 6. Memento – Savepoint with file contents so that go back to previous save point. 7. Observer – Notify all customers when product is available Solid Principle 1. Checkpoint to see dirty code. 2. Should we give importance to Solid Principle. 3. Acronym of SOLID. 4. SRP Concetps with violation – Example Used : Loan Application 5. OCP : Used open and closed principle in Loan Application 6. LSP : Violation of LSP after adding Educational Loan to Loan Application. 7. ISP : Provide solution to LSP violation in the form of ISP. 8. DIP : Used English and French messenger to understand the concepts in Loan Application.

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