Digital Marketing:How to differentiate Digital Ads in 2021 Udemy

Digital Marketing:How to differentiate Digital Ads in 2021 by Erfan Djazmi

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Apply principles and strategies adopted by the world’s best advertisers to create meaningful and effective Digital ads

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Digital Marketing:How to differentiate Digital Ads in 2021 Udemy

What is the Digital Marketing:How to differentiate Digital Ads in 2021 course about?

Digital advertising has transformed Marketing through sophisticated technology and platforms that has created efficient and effective ways to reach audiences . But with it has also brought a raft of irrelevant and cluttered advertising from advertisers that haven’t applied the right principles and approaches. A lumen study claims that 90% of digital display ads are viewed for less than 1 second. That is a lot of wasted advertising. That creates an opportunity for advertisers to stand out from the crowd . The course provides a fast track way to differentiate yourself from the ‘average’ advertiser to make your ads cut through and be distinctive with relevance and meaning. The course overcomes the most common pitfalls that average advertisers fall into such as jumping straight into buying ads on a platform, spreading too thin across channels and creatives lacking focus, not matching targeting with relevant creative, not segmenting your audience and misattributing what is truly valuable and profitable. The worlds’ biggest advertisers apply the advertising models, theory, principles and approaches covered in the course. The course is designed for beginners with some basic knowledge of digital advertising. At the end of the course delegates will be able to: Apply the right digital advertising principles Be able to create your own audience segmentation Drive personalisation by matching data signals with relevant creative Know how to make your brand culturally relevant Understand creative and targeting best practice across Paid Social, Programmatic Display, Online Video and Search platforms Understand the role of digital channels and which of the 34 ad formats in the course will be relevant to your objectives / KPIs. Know the best in class approach to using influencers to tell your brand story Know how to use different social platforms Know the difference between paid, owned and earned social media and how best to apply them Understand how programmatic display advertising works How to maximise attention spans with online video Understand Best in class approach to paid (PPC) and organic (SEO) search Understand how to plan your remarketing approach Know how to maximise your brand safety measures Know how to create tracking across your user journey Know what to track and when Choose the right attribution model and be able to assign the right value for your campaign Create your own testing plan with hypothesis test

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Course dictated by Erfan Djazmi

Erfan has over 15 years experience working with brands and people to realise their full potential. He has evolved Marketing practices for the digital age for brands at Procter & Gamble, Google, Disney, adidas and Diageo to name a few. Over that time Erfan has fine tuned a best in class approach to Marketing and Advertising. As digital marketing has evolved over the years Erfan has created advertising frameworks and guiding principles that make the complex simple.

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