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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace by Loubna Charef

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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Udemy

What is the Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace course about?

Diversity is the Gateways, the decision points. Inclusion is the pathways Inclusion is what happens before and after the official decision in which people are formally brought into a group. Think of diversity as the gateways to schools, organizations, and communities, and inclusion as the pathways leading up to and after that gateway. In other words, gateways are the decision points when we track the diversity numbers such as admission, hiring promotions, and salary decisions. Pathways are the moment that shapes those outcomes, but they are not tracked by a formal statistic. If you take this course, you will: Understand what Diversity and inclusion mean, Understand its dynamics and Identify ways to manage it so that you can better channel the diversity potential in the workplace for greater performance and innovation. Anyone interested in Diversity and inclusion By the end of this course, you will be able to: Describe why Diversity and inclusion is important in today’s society Explain the implications that Diversity and inclusion have on the workplace Develop an action plan for hiring a diverse team Recommend strategies for helping their organization promote Diversity and inclusion Develop strategies for managing diverse teams Create a company diversity and inclusion handbook Create a personalized plan to ensure continued Diversity and inclusion awareness development

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Course dictated by Loubna Charef

Loubna Charef is an international Industrial-Organizational Psychology consultant, researcher, and project manager. Her work was published in leading academic journals, presented at numerous international conferences, and created multiple training programs.

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