Does Copper Toxicity & Heavy Metals = Fibromyalgia Udemy

Does Copper Toxicity & Heavy Metals = Fibromyalgia by Dan Purser MD

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Metal Toxicity, Metallothionein Dysfunction, and Fibromyalgia

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Does Copper Toxicity & Heavy Metals = Fibromyalgia Udemy

What is the Does Copper Toxicity & Heavy Metals = Fibromyalgia course about?

Do you have numerous tender points (especially between the shoulder blades), sore muscles, sore fascia and connective tissue, crazy headaches (or even migraines), and areas of skin that have slowly become supersensitive and very painful? You might have a crazy build-up of copper or copper toxicity. Your body will replace a zinc deficiency with copper (they are besides each other on the periodic table of elements so easy for your body to confuse the two) and that spells trouble, trouble like all the above symptoms. These are actually also classic symptoms of the diagnosis known as fibromyalgia. Naturopaths first discovered or determined that fibro pain could be caused by a copper toxicity. They also figured out to give molybdenum to help,bring down the level but did not seem to know why it worked (let me tell you here — molybdenum helps the copper metallothionein form molybdopterin which is critical to the function of the metallothionein in removing the copper). So you ask — what is a metallothionein and why is it important? We have 23 known metallothioneins in our body, apparently one designed for each metal including copper — these make sure the particular metal, for which they were designed, goes to the right spot in the body where it is needed. Aftermuch study and research I assumed that this was where the dysfunction occurred in fibro patients, probably secondary to,some genetic issue or SNP (since fibromyalgia does tend to run in families). The results of our 43 patient study were stunning so now we are planning a bigger study for JAMA. We are not joking around here —this really worked. First, all the patients in the study had diagnosed fibromyalgia, some severe, and secondly and more notably they all had abnormally high levels of serum copper (when we calculated their levels using a formula called the NCC). Third, many had copper deficiencies on an intracellular basis (using an FDA and HHS approved and validated lab technology called Spectracell Micronutrient Panel). Fourth, when we shotgun treated them with seven supplements (purchased off Amazon so nothing special) that were known to be critical to the function of the copper metallothionein, they all got much better — as a matter of fact most of their symptoms resolved completely. Notably (again) their intracellular copper deficiencies resolved (this should happen if the copper metallothionein). My friends in the pain management world went crazy. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak about this all over the world, mostly to physicians (and oddly gotten more than one standing ovation— unusual I think). We also combined the seven supplements into one. Easier and cheaper. I’ve also discovered several more things about fibro. Avoid high cooper foods such as almonds, spinach, kale, cashews, shellfish, dark chocolate, avocados, and check peas — and I am very serious about this and you should be too. Second, take your metallothionein supplement, and take more if your symptoms don’t resolve or come roaring back. Glutathione is CRITICAL to metallothionein function so take it too —and there is only one validated working reduced glutathione on the market and it is ours — we developed it for the study because none others in the market actually worked (we have a patent and $30 million backing it for FDA approval to testify of its efficacy. Start low and go slow — start on a small dose and gradually increase or you’ll dump copper which can be very uncomfortable. If you’ve tried everything (and got the usual poor results), it would not hurt to try our Metallothionein Support along with our VARS Reduced Glutathione to see. Or if you’re interested in becoming a patient, call my office,  at 801.796.7667, for an appointment.

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