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Effortless Artisan Breads by Dragan Matijevic

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Effortless Artisan Breads Udemy

What is the Effortless Artisan Breads course about?

Do you think that great artisan sourdough and yeasted breads are really difficult to make? Do you think it takes hours of hard work?  That you would never have the time? Are you put off by the thought of all that kneading ? Or are you nervous about using sourdough leaven? If your answers to any of those questions are ‘yes’, then you’ll be delighted to know you are wrong!  And we have built this course just to prove to you how easy artisan sourdough and yeasted baking can be. The secret is all in the planning, and understanding the vital relationships between time, temperature, ingredients and techniques.  The great news is, we’ve done all that for you! Effortless Artisan Breads is a complete, standalone course to help you make great bread a part of your life. Through this course, you will learn: how to make different types of artisan bread according to how soon you want to eat it ! the six expert schedules that give you ultimate flexibility 13 tried and tested recipes that cover every eventuality from 10 minutes through 3 or 4 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or all week. how to do all this with just 5 minutes hands-on effort , letting nature and time do all the rest for you. In the core of the course, you will see exactly how to make a Daily Sourdough, by mixing one big batch of dough at the beginning of the week and using your fridge to slow down the rise, so that you can get out some dough and bake a fresh loaf/baguette/rolls every day. If you are nervous about sourdough, don’t worry; you will also learn how to make a Daily Yeasted Bread , using instant bakers yeast. Then, once you’ve got the hang of it, you can move on to the sourdough version. For those of you who are new to baking (or want a refresher), the section on Tools & Techniques covers: all the basic baking techniques the different stages and modes of the dough our Seven Steps for making bread the two super-convenient points where you can choose to pause the whole process, using your refrigerator You will also find a section on: how to make a sourdough culture how to make a sourdough leaven How we teach: Our approach is always friendly, practical, rooted in proven baking principles and more showing than telling. We earnestly believe that baking your own sourdough bread is fundamental to improving your personal health and happiness, which is why we are so excited about sharing these ways of fitting it into your everyday life, with the benefit of all the know-how we’ve acquired after 12 years teaching and decades more of baking. Effortless Artisan Breads is for practical people like you, who have busy lives and other interests. You don’t want to spend your whole weekend creating one loaf, but you DO want to eat genuine, artisan bread on a regular basis, without spending a fortune in the stores. And now you can!

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Course dictated by Dragan Matijevic

Lifelong bakers Dragan Matijevic and his partner, Penny Williams, set up their first microbakery in Oxford, 2008, selling artisan bread to locals from “The smallest bakery in the world” –  a tiny, converted garden store.  It was originally intended as a side-project, something to complement their freelance incomes as a magician (Dragan) and a copywriter/ translator (Penny). But the bread had other ideas!  It proved such a success that they were soon baking six days a week, and being asked to give classes.

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