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English For Digital Marketers by Daniel Lesser

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Help for ESL digital marketing professionals

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English For Digital Marketers Udemy

What is the English For Digital Marketers course about?

Do you need to speak business English? Do you need to write better email, speak to international colleagues, or attend meetings and presentations in English? Would you like to improve your English skills to get a better job? English for digital marketers came into being after teaching Spanish marketing professionals on a teaching platform who wanted to learn English that would help in their profession. I was the only teacher offering to teach both English and digital marketing so I started to get students asking me to teach them. I believe that through repetition and dynamic interactive learning it’s possible to become fluent in English marketing. It’s my mission to teach marketers how to communicate with their English speaking colleagues around the world. I value a teaching style that adapts to the needs of the student and that’s why I learnt how to teach the Vaughan systems and shadowing methods used in this course. It goes into depth about digital marketing so you learn best practise, tips and tricks on areas such as SEO and AdWords whilst learning English. No fluff, I only put the terms that you need to know, not weird stuff you’ll never use. It specifically helps digital marketing professionals The special information is on digital marketing, you won’t find another English teacher with this background This is the only product exclusively for Spanish marketing professionals who want to learn digital marketing in English

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Course dictated by Daniel Lesser

Taught English for 4 years and an internet marketing for 12 years. I love both teaching english and internet marketing. I have spent over 10 years living in Spain and am currently living in England. The type of teaching that I have specialised in is teaching adults business English for Vaughan systems which is a very successful academy in Spain.

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