Enhanced Stylized Line Art for Pattern Design in Illustrator Udemy

Enhanced Stylized Line Art for Pattern Design in Illustrator by Delores Orridge Naskrent

The Enhanced Stylized Line Art for Pattern Design in Illustrator course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Design.

Learn new methods in surface pattern design using Adobe Illustrator

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Enhanced Stylized Line Art for Pattern Design in Illustrator Udemy

What is the Enhanced Stylized Line Art for Pattern Design in Illustrator course about?

Do you love line art but struggle to come up with ideas to develop these into interesting pattern designs? Development of advanced techniques with line art in Illustrator is the focus of this course, Enhanced Stylized Line Art for Pattern Design in Illustrator. The goal is in  helping you increase your proficiency with Illustrator techniques you may never have considered. You will craft a gorgeous floral line-art pattern tile which can be finished in a variety of ways! In this course, you will learn every step, from dealing with negative space issues, adding details, creating a great flow with flower stems, to a cool new technique which mimics the look of an off-register screen-print. And the techniques you will learn can be used for so much more than florals. Think of your favourite things to draw and imagine them as bedding or apparel or anything you see covered in pattern! What you learn here covers many fundamental principles in the general workflow of many surface pattern designers and graphic illustrators. Imagine the possibilities! To get started, all you need is an initial drawing to work on. If you haven’t got one on hand, just watch the class for ideas. I have another course, Chic Florals , that can guide you to the creation of your initial drawing. If you have a scanner and some traditional line art, you could auto-trace and use that! In this course , I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about my entire process through trial and error. I’ll show you my step-by-step procedures. Then I will explain my tricks for working with the offset filter to create a full and complex pattern, having the filter do most of the work for us. This course is recommended for artists with a working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. As long as you know basics, you should be able to follow along, as techniques are explained in detail. You will even learn many creative problem-solving approaches. You may have taken courses on pattern design before, but it is guaranteed that there are new practices and procedures to be learned every day. If you’ve taken other Deloresart classes, this is just a natural progression in your artistic development. Start now and you can be done watching in around an hour, and you could be starting to plan your own future project today! Once you have your repeat pattern done, you can use companies like Spoonflower or Print on Demand sites to design your own wallpaper, fabric or gift wrap, or to create custom products. Wouldn’t it be fun to make fabric and upholster a chair or make curtains with your art? As far as prerequisite skills, I would recommend some knowledge of Illustrator with the goal of wanting to learn additional techniques. In class, we’ll talk about both design and technical aspects of creating a pattern. I will demonstrate them at a reasonable pace so that it will be easy to follow along. This course is for all levels; I recommend being acquainted with Illustrator to a certain degree. I suggest Illustrator is recommended for this class, as that is what is being featured here, but any other vector software is suitable, so long as it has the same functionality. The key concepts I will include are: tips to perfecting your pattern before creating the offset path use of the offset filter and all its settings many other considerations to do with designing repeating patterns efficiently This course has many tidbits of information for you no matter at what stage you are in your design career. Join me and learn an abundance of things you may never have considered before! You can be applying this practical knowledge in your design practice tomorrow. Creating a pattern can be done relatively quickly with this small investment of your time. Let’s get at it! Hit your play button now!

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Course dictated by Delores Orridge Naskrent

Hello, I’m Delores. I was an art educator for 30 years, teaching graphic design, fine art, and theatrical design. My own education took place at college and university, in Manitoba, Canada, and has been honed through decades of graphic design experience and my work as a professional artist, which I have done for over 40 years (eeek!). In the last few years I have also been involved in art licensing with contracts from Russ, Artwall, Studio El, Trends, Metaverse and more.

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