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Everyday Automation Using Python by Roni Das

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Complete Automation Using Python

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Everyday Automation Using Python Udemy

What is the Everyday Automation Using Python course about?

Automation, in any field, brings in the benefits of increased productivity and reduced costs. Starting from reception work to software development, automation has become such an integral part of daily work .Here students will learn different automation techniques for various platforms like windows, linux , file based , csv ,excel , database driven , browser based , and advanced use cases as well. Performing repetitive tasks can bore even the most resilient of us out of our minds. Lucky for us, the digital age we live in offers us a bevy of tools to relieve ourselves of that sort of tedious labor. While that particular ability may seem contingent upon our knowledge of programming languages, I’m here to tell you that automation is definitely for you, even if you’re a complete newbie to the field. Even though it might seem daunting at first, I promise you that building your first script will feel very rewarding and your new skills will save you lots of time in the long run. Start by thinking about repetitive tasks your workday entails and identify those that you think could be automated. Divide your workload into smaller sub-tasks and think of ways you could automate at least some of them. It is easy to get started with automation testing using Python, as there is a low entry barrier as far as the programming language is concerned. It is suited for small-scale and complex projects, making Python the best scripting language for test automation . So let us learn and master the automation techniques using python .

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