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Excel Data Cleaning Fundamentals by Nasiru Musa

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How to detect and fix errors in datasets imported into Excel for data analysis

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Excel Data Cleaning Fundamentals Udemy

What is the Excel Data Cleaning Fundamentals course about?

Analyst from time to time may need to analyze small datasets from larger datasets that may exist in other applications or other forms of storage for very quick results. Excel has proven to be a very reliable support analytical tool in this regard , it is easy to learn and work with, it provides the analyst with reliable and easy ways of  importing datasets into excel for quick analysis. The main challenge that analysts  face  having imported datasets into excel from different applications is the issue of data inconsistencies, anomalies and other errors. The course is designed to provide the analysts with the necessary skill set to overcome this problem, by providing a step by step instruction using a follow along exercise and also several case study exercise and quizzes, on how to use basic to advanced excel functions , concepts and techniques in a fast and efficient way to detect and fix errors that result from datasets imported from other sources into excel for analysis. The techniques in this course are simple but yet very effective in excel data cleaning , and will not require the use of macros or any excel add on tools

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Course dictated by Nasiru Musa

Nasiru Musa has a BSc In Accounting from ABU Zaria (Nigeria) , MSc Information systems from the university of Liverpool and a Post graduate certificate in corruption studies from the Hong Kong University, he is also a certified anti money laundering specialist (CAMS) ,he has several years of experience in Auditing, Financial Investigation, Information systems and Law enforcement intelligence analysis.

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